Police and Metro seek public’s help in finding suspect who assaulted a woman at Vermont/Sunset Station

Metro is working closely with the Los Angeles Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation to apprehend the suspect in the March 14 sexual assault incident at Vermont/Sunset Station.

Yesterday, LAPD issued a community alert with additional details on the suspect. Metro has shared this alert with all its law enforcement partners and transit operations staff. The LAPD Special Problems Unit assigned to Metro is taking the lead in searching for the suspect. The incident occurred in the station’s emergency exit stairwell that is required to remain open for public safety. The stairwell is patrolled regularly by security personnel. Metro and LAPD are reviewing station video surveillance to aid in the investigation.

Metro extends sincere condolences to the victim in this case. We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual assault on the Metro system, and we will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure the suspect is arrested for this crime.

We are asking our transit customers to help us identify the suspect as quickly as possible.  Riders can anonymously report any tips that could lead to an arrest by calling Transit Watch at 888-950-SAFE (7233) or 800-TIPS (8477).

Sketch and video capture of suspect.


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  1. I disagree with the comments above, there is plenty of security: they were even able to write me a “fare evasion” ticket a couple weeks ago because I had two tap cards on me and presented the wrong, untapped one first followed by the tapped version after the first failed. Glad they got me on that one, if they’re catching that, they must have everything else covered as well.

    I apologize for the sarcasm in what is truly a horrible crime against the victim: I hope the perpetrator is caught and prosecuted.

  2. I wouldn’t advise ANYONE to ride this horrible system, period. Until Metro fixes problems with these types of horrific incidents, just drive. It’s safer, faster, and will buy you something riding public transit in LA cannot buy – piece of mind.

  3. Yeah… I’ve seen too much during my waits at the stations and in the trains. I would advise against women to ride alone unless it’s daylight and busy.

  4. per LAPD, “The suspect strangled, punched and raped the victim.” This was not an incident, this was a horrible crime.

  5. Totally agree the Metro needs much more security personnel for riders to feel safe and comfortable using trains.