Metro’s 2019 Public Participation Plan is open for comments

Public outreach and community engagement are fundamental and mandatory activities for Metro. Metro staff have released the draft Public Participation Plan (PPP) for 2019 and the agency wants input from the public before bringing it to the Metro Board for their consideration later this year. Anyone can submit comments about the draft Plan from March 6 to April 12 — see below on how to comment.

Every three years, the Federal Transit Administration requires that Metro update the agency’s PPP as part of its Title VI Program Update. The Plan guides all of Metro’s outreach efforts to gather important public input on important topics such as possible changes to fares, bus and rail service, new projects in planning, construction and other programs.

You can read the draft Plan online here. If you want to hear Metro staff present the updates about the Plan, you can find the meetings here. If anyone wants the Plan translated into other languages, they can contact 213-418-3423 or California Relay Service at 711 at least 72 hours in advance of April 12th, when the comment period closes.

The Plan exceeds the FTA’s requirements, but Metro wants feedback from the public to make sure it’s the best it can be. At a high level, the 2019 updates include Metro’s Equity Platform Framework which was adopted by the Metro Board earlier this year and new case studies of outreach accomplished in communities across the County.

How to submit comments by April 12:

In-Person – attend one of the meetings where the Plan will be presented and oral and written comments at the meeting will be recorded.

Mail – Address the letter to:

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Community Relations
Attn: Michael Cortez
One Gateway Plaza, MS 99-13-1
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Email – Send comments to

Online Comment Form – Submit a comment online here.

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