Photographic portraits featuring women of Metro by artist Michele Asselin now on view at Union Station

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A new photo exhibit called Forward Motion is on display at Union Station featuring the powerful and imaginative work of artist Michele Asselin. The artwork will be on display for Womens’ History Month and through Fall 2019. It celebrates women working in a range of professions at Metro.

Asselin has created luminous portraits of an urban planner, mechanic, bus operator, rail security officer and other professions. The artist found inspiration in the personal and professional stories that drew her subjects at Metro.

“With Forward Motion, I want to highlight the women of Metro as well as the environments in which they work,” Asselin said.  “My hope is that the Metro patrons who experience these artworks will understand these women to be guides, guardians and builders of Los Angeles.”

Michele Asselin is best known for her photographic portraiture focusing on individual identities within larger social constructs. Her past work includes a series of portraits of domestic workers and a series of photographs about the loss of Hollywood Park Race Track.

Commissioned by Metro Art, Forward Motion also features members of the inaugural Women and Girls Governing Council created by Metro CEO Phil Washington. The Council is tasked with exploring ways Metro can achieve a more gender-balanced workforce, accelerate career advancement for women and improve mobility for female ridership.

“More and more women are being introduced to a world they may not have seen as a real possibility,” said Washington. “We’re providing women with training and support that move beyond traditional careers.”

Forward Motion-related programming will take place through Fall 2019, including a panel discussion with Asselin and a series of exhibition tours. For more details as they are announced, as well as other Metro Art activities and events, please subscribe to our mailing list by visiting

If you are interested in being one of the women who move L.A., check out Metro’s current employment opportunities here.