Take the MicroTransit online survey!

Metro’s MicroTransit project has posted an online survey. The project — which will go by the name Metro Ride — will offer shared, on-demand rides up to 20 minutes in length in service areas to be announced later in the year.

Metro is currently working with three firms under contract to design the service, which is scheduled to launch in late 2019. The Metro Board of Directors still must approve the funding for the project.

The idea here is to help serve the market for short rides and to also help bridge the first/last mile gap between transit and work, home and other destinations. The advantage of Metro Ride over a fixed route bus is that Metro Ride can moved service area. And, of course, it’s on demand, meaning the schedule isn’t fixed.

We’ll have more details later in the year, including info on fares (which will be very competitive) and the mobile app that Metro Ride will use.



5 replies

  1. Microtransit shouldn’t come at the cost of defunding vital public services – like our bus system. Why not instead focus on building BRT / bus only lanes to maintain and improve our existing extensive services.

  2. Better have good service. An elderly man one time told me that access service is terrible because his ride came late or never came for him. I looked up access and the main building is at Metro’s El Monte Station. I called to report it but they hung up and tried calling it again but this lady was rude on the phone and don’t care about the issue I’m reporting for that poor man so she hung up. I hope this new service is reliable for everybody so we don’t have issues again.

  3. Great idea and about time. An on demand service to or from a station within a mile of so will make it possible for riders to use the system who otherwise could not. This could also help with parking needs at a station. Apps can make this all seamless and easy for all.