Draft Environmental Impact Report released for Link Union Station project

The Draft Environmental Impact Report for Metro’s Link Union Station (Link US) project was released Thursday. The report can be read here. Public comment is being accepted from today through March 4 and a public hearing is being held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Jan. 29 in the third floor Board Room at Metro headquarters, adjacent to Union Station.

The Link US project will change how the regional rail system (Metrolink and Amtrak) operates in Los Angeles Union Station by converting the “stub-end tracks station” into a “run-through tracks station” that will increase train capacity and provide one-seat rides from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.

In addition, the Link US project will accommodate a new high speed rail system, include a new above-the-tracks passenger concourse with retail and passenger amenities and a new expanded passageway. All these elements should improve the passenger experience, accommodate future growth and transportation demands in the region and transform Los Angeles Union Station to a world class multi-modal transit station.

Metro encourages the public to review and provide input on the Draft EIR during the 45-day public review period that ends March 4. Metro will respond to these comments in the Final EIR. All public comments must be received by 5 p.m. on March 4 to ensure incorporation into the Final EIR. Formal comments can be submitted via:

•Public Hearing: Comment Card or Court Reporter

•Project Email: LinkUnionStation@metro.net

•Project Website Comment Form: metro.net/linkus

•Mail: Metro, One Gateway Plaza, MS 99-17-2, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Attn: Vincent Chio, Link US Deputy Project Manager)

Here’s a project fact sheet in English and Spanish:

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  1. Heard a local radio station talk show calling the CEI of Metro MR. BILL WASHINGTON all kinds of names as he tried to lay on proposing the traffic fares for the upcoming Olympics.
    After many unimproved complaints I have made to the compay(approx 200 in 3-4 years)- calling for better operations…I am glad others can see he shouldn’t be involved in the company.

  2. The “above grade concourse” is completely beyond horrible. It’s a bunch of stairways up, followed by a bunch of stairways down. Doesn’t Metro understand that those will all create delays and decrease passenger ridership?!?!

  3. Can you say for sure once the plan is viewed by all and the money is funded how long will the gold line be out of service I USE THE THE LINE AND AM PLEASED TO SEE THE NEW CONCEPT TO OUR FUTURE HERE IN EAST LA

    • Hi LA Steve;

      No. However, in December the Metro Board agreed with staff’s recommendation that the Draft EIR can include the above-grade concourse with the expanded passageway in the description for the “proposed project.” After the DEIR is completed — with public comments and agency response — staff will return to the Board for approval of the Final EIR with the final project definition/description. And, once funding to build the concourse is identified, the Board will have another chance to approve what concourse gets built.

      So, still some work to do before anything is finalized. And I do think it’s worth adding that funding for the second phase of this project — which includes the new concourse — still must be secured. And that’s never an easy task.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source