Cranes, Telecommuters, Wilma & Betty: How We Roll, Jan. 16

L.A. gets a Silver Medal! A lot of them, as far as I can tell, are near transit lines. See: South Park.

You might have guessed: It’s for a television/film shoot.

I tend to think the results hew to geography, at least in New York — the more likely you are to drive, the more likely you’re skeptical about congestion pricing. Would be interesting to see a survey in our region given that Metro’s Board was told that C.P. could potentially fund transit expansion and free rides last month.

Sigh, given the number of people who travel from outside the U.S. to visit many of our iconic parks.

Context for our younger readers:

Credit: Hanna-Barbera.

In the news…

•Two DTLA groups wants to see Pershing Square studied as the terminus for a possible Artesia-to-DTLA light rail line, reports the Downtown News.

The Metro Board last year decided to look at two possible end points: Union Station and Flower and 8th. That location is adjacent to the existing 7th/Metro Center Station and Metro staff believe it would serve as a better transfer point between this project, the Red/Purple Line subway and Metro’s light rail lines running to Azusa (and beyond), Long Beach, East L.A. and Santa Monica.

•The number of people who have the option to telecommute in our region is way up — 40 percent, so says a new study — but the number of people actually doing it varies greatly. If you guessed that folks in more affluent communities get to telecommute more, you guessed correctly.

BTW, about 5.3 percent of L.A. County workers work at home, so says the Census Bureau. I’m guessing there are a lot more jobs that could be done, and done well, from home — but that people are still required to be at the office anyway. No comment on what I’d do If I Was The King.

•A good look at an important fare issue: flat fares versus pay-by-distance through the lens of the Bay Area, in Curbed San Francisco.

•If you haven’t ridden the Expo Line to the Westside lately, great pic at Urbanize LA of the new residential complex taking shape next to the Sepulveda Station.

2 replies

  1. Pershing Square should be an extra stop, not merely a terminus, for the new Santa Ana – DTLA Line. I don’t get the logic of these routes and stations. The idea is to get more riders. They shouldn’t merely try to connect to more lines where we already get the existing stops. They are making Metro less useful to passengers. The route to align with the Blue Line is equally perplexing. They need to go further East to pick up new passengers.

  2. Don’t be silly, just connect WSAB to 7th and Metro with a larger station. No one wants to transfer three trains anymore (one way). Thats why WE ARE BUILDING THE REGIONAL CONNECTOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. Omg.