Early work on subway turnaround project begins Monday

Metro contractors on Monday will begin early work on a project in DTLA that will make it easier to turn around Red/Purple Line trains at Union Station and, thus, improve subway capacity. The project’s formal name is — it’s a mouthful! — the Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility.

Metro contractors will begin the work of demolishing the National Cold Storage Facility, located on Center Street between Jackson and Banning streets. Work consists of the construction of a temporary pedestrian canopy and hauling spoil material to dump sites. Through traffic will be maintained during these activities.

Following completion of this work, Metro contractors will conduct abatement and demolition of the Viertel Central Division Facility located on Center Street between East Commercial and Ducommun streets.

Work is scheduled to take place from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and be completed by early summer.

• All work has received necessary permits and approvals
• Access for pedestrians will be maintained outside of the work zone. A covered sidewalk will be erected to ensure public safety.
• Access for emergency responders will be maintained.
• Access to businesses and driveways will be maintained.

Questions? Call us at 213-418-3422 or email at div20portalwidening@metro.net.


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  1. Why does Metro seem to be set on “gold plating” so many projects? This design is very expensive and a simpler design would require much less construction and the Metro current design only slightly improve speed which needs to be reduced in this yard approach anyway. Make a better choice and save money. After all of this their is no station planed in the Arts District at Santa Fe and 3rd St.