Future artworks to animate Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

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Artists Jamex and Einar de la Torre and George Evans have been hard at work developing designs for future artworks at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station since their selection by a community-based art advisory group and pop-up events with riders and community members. The artworks are part of a range of improvements currently underway at the station.

Jamex and Einar de la Torre have conceived a grouping of sculptural artworks that explore the legacy of Rosa Parks. In addition to paying homage to the significance of her actions and their resonance, the artists also reference the warmth of home and strength of communal gathering. The artworks will offer shade and a unifying element to the station’s community plaza for neighbors to activate through future events. The de la Torre brothers will host community engagement activities in the coming months.

Artist George Evans continues to refine the artwork concept planned for the interior of the new Customer Service Center at the station. Evans has developed layered photo compositions that celebrate South Los Angeles’ distinct neighborhoods, personalities, landscapes, families, music and oral story-telling traditions. In keeping with his 30+ years of cultivating the next generation of young artists, and teaching students the skills needed to work in creative fields, Evans has planned arts and community programming that engages youth from the surrounding schools and organizations.

Stay tuned for more details regarding future engagement events with Jamex and Einar de la Torre and George Evans in 2019.