Women Move LA: meet some of the women trailblazers at Metro

The video above “Trailblazers: Women who Move L.A.” presented by Metro’s Women & Girls Governing Council, features some of the trailblazing women at Metro who have been keeping L.A. on the move for more than 25 years. The women featured in the video share the trials they faced and how they were able to overcome them to go on to have successful careers in transportation.

The Women and Girls Governing Council, established in 2017 by Metro CEO Phil Washington, consists of a diverse group of Metro employees representing every department to provide recommendations to the CEO to help advance and empower women and girls. The Council applies a gender lens in three focus areas: Metro as an employer, Metro as a service provider, and Metro as a catalyst for economic development. This group of women and men work together for effective, innovative and collaborative change.

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