Preview of Thursday’s Metro Board of Directors meeting

pdf here

The Metro Board of Directors’ final meeting for 2018 is Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at Metro HQ adjacent to Union Station. As always, the meeting is open to the public and will also be livestreamed.

The agenda with links to staff reports and presentations is above. Among the issues the Board will tackle:

Proposed updates to the Artesia-to-downtown Los Angeles light rail project, aka the West Santa Ana Transit Corridor. Source post. There is also a motion to add an optional station at the confluence of the L.A. River and the Rio Hondo in South Gate.

•An operating plan and Board motion for the Crenshaw/LAX Line and Green Line. Source post

•A proposed project description for the Link Union Station project to increase train and people capacity. Source post

•The Board will hear an update on the development of a financial plan for the Twenty-Eight by ’28 Initiative to build 28 major projects in time for the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

A Board motion that would reaffirm Metro’s commitment to build the Gold Line to Claremont.

Approve a list of projects and funding to improve traffic and mobility in the area near the 710 freeway gap between Alhambra and Pasadena.

3 replies

  1. Okay, I really would like to know why Metro simply didn’t allow for the Crenshaw Line to Continue North-South from Expo to Redondo Beach, and the Green Line from Norwalk to (1 train) to LAX and (1 train) to Redondo Beach, or simply terminate all Green Line Trains at LAX. Why did Metro insist on a “Black and White” option when there was still at least a “grey” option still available here? People could as just as easily continue going to Expo or to Redondo Beach by a simple same platform transfer.

    I’m glad this is being done on a trail basis, cause it’ll only be 6 months before they realize that both options were terribly bad.

    Let this be a lesson on why to never go cheap on critical projects like this one.

  2. The Board recommendation re: the Green/Crenshaw Lines operating plan is a mistake.

    If this plan is implemented (running Norwalk-to-Redondo), both the Crenshaw Line and the Green Line will have to operate at half the capacity of the shared segment. Nobody benefits from that.

    Not to mention the fact that with this plan, the South Bay will not have direct service to Century/Aviation, which will serve LAX.