Three-month closure of North Hollywood Station Chandler Lot starts Nov. 26

The Red Line North Hollywood Chandler Lot will be closed for three months — through February 2019 — beginning Monday, Nov. 26. During the closure, crews will prepare and asphalt the surface as a permanent parking lot.

Parking will remain available in the other three North Hollywood lots, at Universal City/Studio City Station, or at the Orange Line Van Nuys lot.

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  1. Corruption at it’s Finest!!!
    expending Money for blight Parking lot!!!
    this suppposed to be a TOD, but is easier to steal money with a piece of crap parking lot,
    LA has to deal for decades!!!
    the mentality of people that manage LA’s resources are straight from a third World Country!!!

    • Hi Jac, there are three other lots available at North Hollywood Station, as well as parking at Universal City Station and Orange Line Van Nuys Station.


      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. What an epic waste of land and money.

    I cant imagine there is no demand for housing, office, or retail at this site. But assuming there isn’t, why does the lot need to be repaved? It’s in fine shape. Closing it down and spending million of dollars to make a poor land use permanent is the stupidest idea Metro has come across in a long time.

    • You know that “permanent” parking lots could be ripped up in like a day, right? I think this is the right call for now, and Metro is probably going to want or need that land should they ever extend the Orange Line or build something else toward Burbank.

      • Why does it take three months to pave a lot that “could be ripped up in like a day”?

  3. Will they fix the wooden fence there? A lot of the boards are broken or missing,

  4. Why not take the opportunity to construct a multi-level parking structure? All the park and ride lots are completely full before 6am.

    • Hi Spencer,

      That was a possibility but there were no plans for development.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

    • Hi Joe,

      I’ll try to find out more details about the project. They will be paving with asphalt for a permanent lot.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source