We want your feedback on potential Bike Share station locations

In May 2018, the Metro Board of Directors approved the Phase 3 Expansion of Metro Bike Share to the Los Angeles communities of Pico-Union, MacArthur Park, Koreatown, Rampart Village, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and adjacent areas.

Since then, Metro and the city have been working diligently to develop a list of potential station locations for the public to consider. The list was developed by examining suggested locations in a previously released countywide crowdsourcing map, space available for stations, access and convenience, safety considerations, land use and destination patterns, discussions with City Council Districts and local stakeholders, and a Bike Share Suitability Index developed by an outside consulting firm.

Now we want to hear from you again! Tell us what you like or dislike about a potential location, and leave comments and suggestions about proposed locations by visiting the crowdsourcing map here. The map will be open for public input through early December.

When evaluating potential locations please consider the following:

What are the space requirements for a bike share station?

Station size varies depending on anticipated demand, but the average station size is approximately 45 feet in length.

What are the station siting criteria?

  • Connectivity – Connections to transit hubs and key destinations create a network.
  • Space Availability – Wider sidewalks and parking spaces are great locations.
  • Accessibility – Stations should be visible and easy to reach .
  • Sun – Sunny spots are best since stations can run on solar power.
  • Demand and Support – Stations should be located where there is high demand.

Are these stations set in stone?

No. This is a pilot program and the station locations will be evaluated as the program moves forward. Stations may be moved in the future.

8 replies

    • This is phase 3. They are targeting high density areas. Can’t do the entire county at once. Station along the Orange line only make sense when there are stations a bit away from it to leave or retrieve the bikes.

  1. How do we propose a station? There should be one near the corner of Temple and Union as this an area with restaurants. Also at Temple and Glendale Blvd where the Echo Park Tennis Courts are.

  2. it seems to me that you guys forget about the valley and only focus in the LA downtown area . I don’t see any at all location for the valley. We have a buys Van Nuys area and Woodland Hills area with shopping. We have big community colleges and don’t see you put anything for the valley at all. We also pay into the transit tax but we are left out form this projects.