Long-range plan survey: what are your mobility priorities?

As some of you may be aware, Metro is in the midst of updating its Long Range Transportation Plan. In plain English, this is Metro’s financial blueprint for the coming years — i.e. how money should be spent operating our system, expanding it and running other essential programs.

As part of that effort, Metro is asking L.A. County residents to take a survey on their mobility interests and priorities. The survey is here.

The survey is anonymous and confidential.  Demographic information is requested but no name, email or other identifying field is required. Visit OurNext.LA to find out more about the Metro LRTP and feel free to share the survey with your friends and family.

2 replies

  1. Page 2 Question #3 asks to rank the items listed from 1-7, but does not indicate how to do the ranking. There aren’t any buttons to click on except for Previous and Next. Either option doesn’t allow me to rank the list. Please advise.

    • Hi Andrew,
      Please drag the options and rearrange it according to your priorities.

      Thank you for taking the LRTP survey!