Alternate routes for Metrolink riders impacted by freight derailment

UPDATE FOR THURSDAY MORNING COMMUTE: Please see Metrolink’s website and/or Twitter stream for more details about trains impacted.


Metrolink is reporting a Union Pacific freight train derailment blocking the tracks between Norwalk and Commerce. Metro is offering the following alternate service for Metrolink customers:

Bus Routes:

  1. #460 at Flower/7th to Norwalk Green Line Station
  2. Silver Line at Flower/7th transfer to the Green Line (Harbor Station) and connect with Bus Bridge alternate service to Metrolink’s Norwalk Santa Fe Springs Station
  3. Metrolink customers departing from Union Station can take the bus shuttle service Berthing at stall #9 directly to Norwalk Green Line Station

Rail Lines:

Blue Line/7th Metro transfer to the Green Line at (Willowbrook) and continue to Norwalk Station with Bus Bridge alternate service to Norwalk Santa Fe Springs Station

  1. Red/Purple Line Union Station transfer to the Blue Line at 7th Metro continue to the Green Line (Norwalk Station) with Bus Bridge alternate service to Norwalk Santa Fe Springs Station

Metro will honor Metrolink fare payments on the aforementioned bus and rail lines unto further notice. Additional Operations, Customer Service and Security staff have been deployed to provide assistance with support, service and crowd control. METROLINK is offering their customers $50 vouchers to secure alternate service via Uber or Lift.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I believe the Thursday update is about a different derailment: Wednesday’s troubles were due to a UP derailment between Norwalk and Commerce (affecting 91 and OC lines), whereas Thursday’s issues are caused by a BNSF derailment between Anaheim Canyon and West Corona (affecting 91 and IEOC lines).

    • Hey Ron –

      Thanks for heads up. I didn’t realize there was another derailment. Geesh. I adjusted the update.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. If only the Green Line went to a logical terminus at Norwalk Metrolink, there would be a simpler alternative.

  3. This is why Metro should extend the Green Line from the 605 all the way to the Norwalk Metrolink Station! Provides a viable alternative and when the Crenshaw/LAX line finally opens, a direct link between LAX and Metrolink without forcing every northbound traveler to Union Station

    • Hi Jules —

      There is a project in Measure M to extend the Green Line to Norwalk Station but the timeline is well into the future — with a completion date of 2052.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source