Here are all the agencies offering free transportation this Election Day

ICYMI: Metro and six additional TAP agencies will be offering free rides on Election Day, Nov. 6 to help people reach the polls. From midnight to midnight, won’t need to TAP to board a bus or train on that day, nor will you be required to show proof that you voted — although, if you want to flash your “I voted” sticker that’s all right by us! ??

In addition to Metro, the following agencies are also offering free rides on Election Day:

Long Beach Transit
Baldwin Park Transit
Pasadena Transit
Santa Clarita Transit
Access Services

Metro Bike Share will also offer free rides on Nov. 6. Use the promo code 1162018 at any kiosk to get your free 30-minute free ride. The promo code is good for one Single Ride. Rides are $1.75 per 30 minutes thereafter.

Find your polling place here. You can plan transit trips on metro.netGoogle Maps or Apple Maps app.

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  1. […] Metro Los Angeles and six other local public transit agencies are offering free fares all day from midnight till midnight on Tuesday, November 6th. There’s no need to tap your TAP card or show proof of voting to enjoy this offer. 30 minute one-way rides will also be free on the Metro Bike bikeshare system – to waive the fee, enter code 1162018 when you check out a bicycle. See full details and a list of participating Los Angeles-area transit agencies at… […]

  2. […] 除了上述優惠外,全國許多大眾運輸系統也在選舉日當日提供免費乘車服務。包括洛杉磯的 Los Angeles’ Metro system, 南卡羅萊納州哥倫比亞市的巴士服務COMET、休士頓的大眾捷運系統、北卡羅萊納州的 Greensboro 運輸局都有類似優惠。 […]

  3. Does this include free parking at MTA Stations that charge parking? The ad/news is not clear on this point.

    • Hi Frank;

      There will still be a fee for parking.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Hi Frank —

      My apologies for getting it wrong yesterday — parking is free today at Metro lots. The machines won’t accept money. Again, I’m sorry for the bad info yesterday!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. Bueno siempre habra y no habra el casi es wue si Metro y demas Lineas estan en comun acuerdo a Nadien le estan cobran do por este gesto. humanutario feliz Dia de Elecciones y disfruten .y usted. Usted que vota hagalo con un fin de Ayudar al que no vota la DESCiCion esta en tus manos Feliz dia de Elecciones

  5. Hey Mr. CEO, instead of making free rides for an Election Day, when you know for a fact, half the people won’t even vote, and half of the other half aren’t even of age to vote.
    Don’t you realize half of YOUR riders, don’t even pay, it’s a courtesy all the time!
    Ride the buses and enforce the fare all the time. Us regulars, are tired of hearing those famous words to an operator.. “Can I get a courtesy ride?”

    Everyone pays up, or no one pays. You choose.
    Get on it Mr. Washington.
    #NotOnYourGame #YourPeopleAlwaysWantThemCourtesyRides

    • I can’t tell if the use of “YOUR” is supposed to be a dog-whistle, but i’d say there’s a reasonable chance.

      • Well Shrek, wouldn’t it be pretty obvious that if it wasn’t? You must not see the truth out on the streets, unlike the ones who ride the buses and the rails, ones that hide and shelter behind the desks are blind to it all and only there for the money and fame. What a shame, what a shame, oh but it’ll haunt him one day, and what a day that’ll be.

  6. In my experience, polls are almost always within a mile of one’s home. So I dont understand the rationale.