World Series, scooters (again), EVs: HWR, Oct. 26

Dept. of World Series: Basically a do-or-die game tonight for the Dodgers, given that a team has never come back from a three game deficit to win the World Series. Buses to the ballpark begin running at 2 p.m. today. More info on the freebie Dodger Stadium Express here.

Much has been said about scooters. Much more will be said about scooters. This editorial in the LAT says scooters can be a pretty nifty way to get around — and it would be a shame of litigation pulls the rug out from an emerging industry. Fair enough, but I though the editorial missed the core issue: scooters are great, but — as with bikes — where should people ride them?

This article in Curbed points to Sacramento as a proving ground for getting people to drive less. The bigger point is that electric cars can’t save the state from climate change, at least according to one source who says even with a 100 percent electric car fleet in the state, people would still need to drive a little less to meet the state’s climate goals. One, I’d like to see the math on that. Two, I wouldn’t undersell the achievement it would take to get to 100 percent electric or zero emission. Here’s why:

Those numbers are from the DMV. To put it plainly, there are about 35 million registered vehicles in California and, according to this report, fewer than 400,000 of them are electric. Sure, electric cars are not a panacea — but I think the Golden State getting to 100 percent zero emission fleet would be a monumental achievement that would make a difference.

ICYMI, the Boring Company (i.e. Elon Musk) plans to build an elevator to its test tunnel in Hawthorne inside the garage behind a small single family home, reports the LAT. If that’s doable, it kind of begs the question whether individual homeowners will be able to get their own private elevators to the Boring Co. tunnel network, should that network become reality. If so, I suppose I can find somewhere else to store my kayak, bike and camping gear.

Art of Transit Construction — courtesy our Regional Connector project.

Photo: LA Metro.


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