Video: the artwork at future Crenshaw/LAX Line Expo/Crenshaw Station

Watch the video above of Metro staff piecing together parts of a large-scale glass mosaic mural. The mural will eventually be installed at the future Crenshaw/LAX Line Expo/Crenshaw Station.

Created by the artist Rebeca Méndez, this mural in the station’s underground concourse will bring the sky, and a moment of calm, to the bustle of this underground station. Titled, “At The Same Time,” Méndez’s artwork explores the notion of time as captured through her photographs of the Los Angeles sky taken at 15 minute intervals over 24 hours.

In the artist’s own words, “[The artwork] can be understood as … [an] emotional timepiece … inspiring us to bring our mind and body as we experience, if just for a moment, the fullness of time expressed in the sky above us.”

About the Artist: Rebeca Méndez is an artist living in Los Angeles where she is a professor in the Department of Design Media Arts at UCLA. She received the highest U.S. honor of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award in Communication Design in 2012, as the first Latin American and second woman ever. Her art practice is in various media—photography, 16mm film, video, and installation—with which she explores the nature of perception and media representation, specifically how cultures express themselves through the style of nature that they produce at a given time and the medium through which they construct this nature. In her public art works she seeks to address and enlarge themes that engage a greater sense of belonging to the home, city and planet shared among all living creatures, from trees to birds to people.

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