Go Metro to see dudes with horns lose to Rams

Credit: Getty Images.

Credit: Getty Images.

Let’s start by mentioning that the Minnesota Vikings — with a pricey new QB and supposedly good defense — got absolutely smoked at home by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The Rams, on the other hand, improved to 3-0 behind an offense that no one has yet figured out how to stop.

Thursday’s game begins at 5:20 p.m. — a profoundly poor time to be driving to a football game in Expo Park. But fear not: the Expo Line and Silver Line are both a short stroll from the Coliseum.

Below are maps of the area around the Coliseum and the Metro system map. Paid and free parking is available at many Metro stations. Parking at Union Station is $8 and there are, of course, many commercial lots in DTLA near the Metro system. Everything you need to know is below:

Some other tips for taking Metro to the game:

Riding Metro Rail

1. Pay Before You Board

  • TAP Pro Tip: Save time and skip the line! Load your TAP card with $3.50 in stored value before the game and avoid long lines at TAP vending machines after the game;
  • Round Trip – $3.50 ( includes transfers to other Metro lines for up to 2 hours to complete a one-way trip);
  • Day Pass – $7;
  • Fares must be loaded onto TAP cards; buy them at TAP vending machines or from Metro event staff, or you can buy or reload a TAP card; and

2. Tap Your Card on the Turnstile or Validator When Boarding or Transferring

  • Use one TAP card per person only
  • TAP cards cannot be shared; each person must have their own TAP card

3. Choose the Nearest Station

  • Coliseum: Take the Metro Expo Line and exit at either Expo Park/USC Station or Expo/Vermont Station
  • Rose Bowl: Take the Metro Gold Line, exit at Memorial Park Station and walk four blocks west on Holly Street to board the Rose Bowl Shuttle at the Parsons Lot

4. Expo Line runs approximately every 6 minutes before and after games

5. Gold Line runs approximately every 12 minutes before and after games

Riding Metro Silver Line

1. Pay When You Board

  • Round Trip – $5 ( includes transfers to other Metro lines for up to 2 hours to complete a one-way trip)
  • Day Pass – $7, loaded onto a TAP card
  • Fares must be loaded onto TAP cards; buy them at TAP vending machines or from Metro event staff

2. Use 37th St/USC Station

  • Elevated station is on the I-110 Harbor Fwy ExpressLanes at 37th St-Exposition Blvd, approximately two blocks north of the Coliseum
  • Service runs approximately every 20 minutes during the day and every 30-40 minutes in the evening
  • Extra service will be added in both directions before and after each game

While on Board

1. Small coolers and picnic baskets are okay to bring on board, but please keep aisles clear
2. Eating or drinking while in stations or on board Metro buses and trains is not permitted
3. Please do not bring barbeque grills, flammable products or oversized items on board

Clear Bag Policy

For a safer environment and speedier entry, both the Coliseum and Rose Bowl have enacted a new clear bag policy. Fans are advised not to bring bags unless outlined as a permissible size and material. Approved examples are a clear tote, small clutch or clear bag. For details, visit nfl.com/allclear .


1. Obey all traffic signals and instructions from Metro staff
2. Look both ways before crossing the tracks and street
3. Stand back from the edge of the train platforms and curbs at bus stops

Fan & Customer Code of Conduct

*Shout out to Carson!

4 replies

  1. Agree with Kent. I went to the Rams game last Sunday. I got on at Harbor Gateway Transit Center. It was very packed… I wasn’t able to get on the first bus, and was almost left off the second bus. Took over half hour, and would have been longer if a third bus was needed. It’s a great service, but would love to see another few buses to address the crowd.

  2. Will there be enhanced northbound Silver Line service to El Monte after the Rams-Chargers game on Sunday? After last Sunday’s Rams game, there was only enhanced Silver Line service Southbound. We had to wait nearly 30 minutes just go get on board Silver Line northbound as they were running on Sunday schedule (every 15 minutes).

  3. Not sure how big a crowd Rams vs Chargers will draw. Both teams (especially Chargers) rely heavily on visiting team fans to fill seats. Opening weekend in Carson had a large number of Chiefs fans.

  4. Will there be extra service ran on a pink letter on both days. Why would anyone elect to take the Silver Line or the Expo Line if either is packed to capacity and patrons are passed up?