Naming LA bus and rail lines, transit ridership in U.S., train to Vegas; HWR, Sept. 24

Dept. of Outside the Box: 

Here’s a Source post on Metro staff’s new report on transit line renaming. Letters or numbers appear to be on the table.

As for animals, we can always muse. I’d go with the local variety, past or present and native or not. Meaning we could have a Grizzly Bear Line, Mastodon Line, Wooly Mammoth Line, Peacock Line, Coyote Line, Puma Line, Quail Line, Desert Tortoise Line, Pit Bull Line (I own one — not mocking) and…what else? Suggestions please.

Dept. of Ridership: These are the latest Census numbers as compiled by transit writer Yonah Freemark. What I see: the status quo largely prevails with the Car the King in most of America perhaps due to a confluence of factors: a strong economy, affordable cars and gasoline and plentiful road capacity. Click through the tweets to see all the numbers.

Dept. of Project Planning:

Click through to see the thread. In terms of the soon-to-be, under Measure M the project is scheduled to open between 2030-32 unless funding can be secured to accelerate the project as part of the Twenty-Eight by ’28 Initiative. I’d be interested to hear from some South Bay residents and project proponents.

Dept. of Scooters:

Dept. of Oh Yeah My Venture-Capital Subsidized Uber and Lyft Ride Will Be Super Cheap Forever Even When They Have to Buy and Maintain Expensive Robot-Driven Cars: 

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  1. I’m guessing that never in your lifetime have trains gone ‘choo-choo’ – so why demean the mode?
    More seriously, it is interesting and probably totally coincidental that Brightline are looking to operate Las Vegas – Victorville (LA) at the same time as plans for an airport in the Ivanpah Valley, likely to be traversed by that railway, are being revived. Much scope for synergy.

  2. Numbers would be most efficient, and letters can be designated for BRT routes or vice versa. This would not preclude existing color designations and expanding on that either. As for the train to Vegas, terminating at Victorville is downright absurd. People simply will not want to make that trip. Just driving to there from LA can have most of the bad traffic anyway. At the very least, lease tracks through the cajon pass and run it through to DTLA. That’s the only way this train will be successful. It has to connect directly to LA. Simple as that. The future of CAHSR is uncertain so there’s no guarantee that a connection to it in Palmdale may even happen. If it does, great, but don’t short change this train in the mean time if built first. Rut it to LA.

  3. What I find interesting about this is that rail lines already have numbers – 801 Blue Line, 802 Red Line, 803 Green Line, 804 Gold Line, 805 Purple Line, 806 Expo Line. Not just for internal use, you can see the numbers when you download their timetable from this website. Keep the existing color and add the existing number. Numbers are easier for visitors whose first language does not use the Roman alphabet. And calling the Red Line something like “2” would be confusing because then 2 Sunset would have to be renumbered to 12 or something like that. But if London and New York can have enough colors for their extensive subway lines surely LA can as well. Overall, though, while this topic is of endless interest to transit enthusiasts I am sure the average rider would prefer that we spend time on making their trip reliable, safe, and fast.

    • Londons rail system is a few beasts their own nature. Their structure resembles our total bus system i.e. MTA, LADOT which has the sub division DASH, foothill, BBB, culver city. Its not the same, but similar. The buses here all have a different color, and with the exception of the blue bus, the color is just a visual thing. In London, you’ll ride the “Jubilee Line”; which sounds silly!

      Color is a non factor if you are riding the 2 train in NYC.

      I also agree with the existing numbers. The problem is, 801 can be 8:01. In transportation, thats a recipe for mistakes. If I hear 8:01 train, I assume you have to be at the platform at that time.

  4. They should use a combination Letter and Numbering scheme like A101, B202, C303, etc. This works the best especially since Metro will connect various lines together with odd routes.

    Green Line from Norwalk to Redondo should be G101. Reverse should be G102.
    Green Line from Norwalk to Expo/Crenshaw should be G201. Reverse should be G202.

    Expo/Crenshaw Line should be clearly distinguished from the Expo Line.
    Expo Line is E101, Reverse is E201.
    Expo/Crenshaw Line is either the G201/G202 or C303/C304.

    The Las Vegas Line should really connect with existing Metro, Metrolink, or Amtrak routes or it makes no sense. In every sense, our government entities should work with the private company to find appropriate stations to connect. This will benefit them since passengers will utilize Metro/Metrolink/Amtrak to get to the Las Vegas Line. At minimum, it should connect at Anaheim at the ARTIC station. This will have the dual benefit of attracting Las Vegas locals to visit Anaheim tourist attractions.

    • Or they can just be the A, C, G, B, F, K… Why must this be so complicated. OMG (line, transfer point to WTF), careful, the LOL pulls up to the same platform, so make sure you look at the signs.

  5. Naming the lines after animals is a terrible idea. I really hope theyre kidding/trolling.

    Transportation isnt a joke, and it doesnt neccesarily have to be fun. Sterile is EXACTLY what everyone needs in a transportation system. Key reason Helvtica is EVERYWHERE.

    Even if the author of that idea was joking, there are still a handful of kooks in suits that would call that a “good idea” and “roll out a study” for the general public to vote on; big friggin yikes!

    Hate to be a wet blanket, but lets just fix our system so it works for the world. Globally, a red light is stop right? So numbers, letters, or a combo of both are what the world are used to.

    Just say “Gorilla line” to yourself. *queeze*

  6. Forget giraffes and wolverines. Why not follow Chicago’s lead in christening transit routes? They name regional expressways after politicians–the Stevenson, the Eisenhower, the Kennedy–and worthy citizens, i.e. the Dan Ryan, the Jane Addams, etc. Let’s hear it for the Johnnie Cochran Metro line, the Garcetti line (Eric or Gil, take your pick), the Angelyne, the Hahn line (hmmmm . . .Ken, Jim, or Janice? that’s a tough choice), the Pio Pico, the UTLA, the Charles Bukowski. C’mon, let’s get creative.

  7. I found the animal name thing to be rather amusing. When you want to promote rapid transit, the concept of calling it the “Tortoise Line” just doesn’t get the right idea across.