Open House at Union Station next Wednesday for Link Union Station project

Heads up: there is an Open House at Union Station for the Link Union Station project, which seeks to allow Metrolink and Amtrak trains enter/exit Union Station from the south — in addition to the current north entrance/exit.

The project also includes a new, expanded passenger concourse with retail, food services, passenger waiting areas, and other transit-serving amenities for users of Union Station to meet the region’s long-term transportation needs.

The idea is to make it easier for trains to get into and out of the station, reduce train idling, speed up rail trips, increase station capacity, modernize Union Station with improved ADA access to train platforms and also accommodate high-speed rail in the future.

Environmental studies are underway and Metro is working to secure funding needed to build the project.

Below is the info on the Open House, which will take place on the Vignes Street side of the station below the Patsaouras Bus Plaza. If entering from the Alameda Street side, walk straight back and continue through the passageway that accesses the platforms. The Open House is at the far end of that passageway.

For additional information about this project, please visit the website at:

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  1. You forgot to mention that the horrible elevated circle is the worst possible shape for transit users because it massively increases transit size.

    Metro should trash the new design, it is bad for riders, they’re only building this hostile design (which will depress transit ridership) because politicians thought he most important thing was for the new union station to have pretty views.

  2. Metro’s impractical, glass, flying saucer-shaped LINK project would be docked behind sublime Union Station and detract from its historic and artistic heritage. Moreover, in my opinion, this Disney-esque amusement is an apparent knock-off of the Aros Modern Art Museum in Denmark–which has been derided as a “Danish Hamster Tube.” Strolling through a glass hamster tube in frosty Denmark might be welcome, but in LA, with its 100 degree Summers, it would be pure folly. This LINK retail shopping mall / train station will not serve travelers as much as it will serve speculating entrepreneurs / political contributors and the building’s service company (Morlin?) Will Metro ever tire of such million dollar fever-dreams?

  3. I notice from your latest plans that there is no way for Metrolink trains from San Bernardino run through the terminal and return back to San Bernardino.

    There is no link shown on the south loop tracks connecting with the outbound tack to San Bernardino. It was shown on earlier renditions but not on the latest rendition. Such a connection would require a new bridge over the Los Angeles River.