Romance on the rails — she said yes!

Attentive readers know that we like to use The Source tout some of the benefits of taking transit: it’s generally better for the environment; it’s better than sitting/going crazy in traffic; it can be cheaper than driving solo. And it’s also a way for you to meet the love of your life!

This is the story of Marcus and Damaris, who had their meet cute moment on the Expo Line a year ago. Marcus works in Culver City and Damaris works in Santa Monica, and both start their Expo Line trips at 7th Street/Metro Center. One day on the train, their eyes met. Hearts fluttered. Both parties were interested.

But it would take a little longer before anything happened.

I had been looking at him for months!” says Damaris. “Since it took him so long I thought he was already married. But just the illusion of having a ‘train crush’ kept me excited to wake up and go to the train in the morning.”

Photo courtesy of Damaris and Marcus.

After months of mutual pining during their morning and evening commutes, Marcus finally introduced himself.

“After that we have been nearly inseparable,” Marcus says. “I fell in love with her spontaneity, her optimism at the world and her desire to try new things — even if it’s just a restaurant!”

It felt perfect and natural,” Damaris adds. “I didn’t think I was going to fall in love because I was so guarded, but it just happened!”

Since transit played such a large part in their meeting, Marcus chose another train station to be the backdrop when it was time to pop the question. One week ago, he enlisted the help of Damaris’ sisters and proposed at Union Station. Spoiler alert: she said ‘yes.’

“Union Station is a very special place to me! And having my sisters on there was the cherry on top because they were able to witness our love and lifelong commitment,” says Damaris.

“My life has been bookended by two hours worth of train time in her wonderful presence every day,” says Marcus. “I couldn’t imagine a more romantic place to propose than a historic train station.”

Congrats to the happy couple! Perhaps a transit themed wedding is in their future…after all, Union Station is also a popular wedding venue.

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  1. I know this couple. When I first saw the headline on Friday I wondered if it could possibly be them.
    Unfortunately the web site did not work until Saturday 11:30pm.
    Now I do not need to send an email to them saying: “Sound familiar?”