New Metro Manners videos are here!


One year ago, we debuted Metro Manners: a transit etiquette campaign starring magical girl Super Kind and her arch-nemesis, Rude Dude. You can refresh your memory and view the previous videos below. Super Kind and Rude Dude are back this year to educate fellow riders on more not-awesome behaviors we’d like to see less of (or have vanish altogether) on our buses and trains:

  • don’t play loud music on board
  • let others exit before boarding

We put a lot of effort into these videos in hopes they would be seen by a ton of people, including most of our riders. Yes, Metro has a Customer Code of Conduct that outlines the dos and don’ts for riders. And, yes, while our law enforcement partners enforce those rules, they can’t police every single bus and train every hour of the day — although Metro has increased the security presence on the system.

To a large extent, it’s up to you, dear riders, to help us make going Metro a more pleasant and comfortable experience. Please use your Metro Manners the next time you ride. Don’t be Rude Dude, be Super Kind!

The videos are accompanied by posters that will be distributed across the system, so keep an eye out for them! We’ll also have new Super Kind and Rude Dude items in the Metro Shop so you can show that you’re a proud, properly mannered rider. ?




The videos are directed by Mike Diva and star Anna Akana. Original concept by Metro.

14 replies

  1. If any of these pigs gave two cents about the rude things they do they wouldn’t do them. The truth is they know they are being rude. That’s the whole point. It sometimes feels like they are in competition to see who can be more obnoxious than the other. Fines! FINES I tell you and lots if them! Just like they gave me for taking a quiet zip of my non-littered Sprite. There are so many violations of these rules that enforcement would only involve one person riding the Blue Line. The revenue generated would more than cover the cost. These videos are useles.

  2. No one will listen to these, and no one will take them seriously. People ALWAYS play music on the train. LAPD just says “Turn it down”. In New York, this is a misdemeanor. People still sit on the steps at 7th street metro. Why? There are not enough places to sit during a twenty minute headway! Duuuuuh. Vendors will be vendors. Guess what? If Metro would permit them to sell stuff at a station, maybe they would ride the train; there is obviously demand, or they wouldn’t spend time doing it. A true true hustler can probably make a good living off of that. Whos annoyed by vendors? Not me really. Give them a place to sell their stuff, don’t choke them out. ID grab some snacks at the station on my way to work.

    In nutshell, these videos are probably not cheap to produce. Metro really needs to stop going through the motions on etiquette, and unfortunately fine people 50 bucks to be a better rider. Similar to traffic violations, litter, and general polluting people. Cute videos, but immature and to me ineffective. Things got worse after the last round of PSAs.

  3. It’s so nice using the metro systems in countries like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Their train stations are full of shops, restaurants and have proper amenities like public restrooms, charging stations, WiFi, and drinking fountains… but this is America, where we can’t (for whatever reason) have nice things… or ANYTHING inside our stations.

  4. What has been the cost in dollars per view of the previously released videos? How much would it be in dollars per view for large barricade style signs at the stations with the basic message (assuming that the signs were left in place for a month each)?

  5. I rode a train this morning that had NO announcements, at all. And that was that an excellent ride. It was quiet. I could read and concentrate. I could hear my earphone music.

    Thank you!

    • Man you don’t know how much I miss the pre-announcement days. The system was clean, no random jerk playing music on full blast and thinking he’s cool for doing it. I think it’s a year since I’ve been on a train with no announcements.

    • ^This.

      Metro announcements are either way too loud, too verbose, too ear-screeching, or broken. I prefer minimal announcements with minimal words.

  6. I like the intent behind the videos and they are pretty cute. They should be played on monitors in the buses/cars/stations/platforms. The only sign of them on Metro is the corresponding posters.

  7. ugh, but buying from vendors is the best part of the ride on the Metro Blue Line! Even the drivers buy from them! Why would anyone want to change that!