MyFigueroa — a better, more complete street for all modes of transportation

Community leaders and elected officials celebrated the official opening the Figueroa Corridor Streetscape project (MyFigueroa) today with a walking tour and bike ride. MyFigueroa has transformed the Figueroa Corridor into a ‘complete street’ that better serves the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and drivers.

The MyFigueroa project area is between 7th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard — from Downtown to Expo Park — and brings improved transit and pedestrian access, protected bike lanes, a more organized and efficient Figueroa Street and a safer Figueroa for all users.

Metro Bike Share stations can be found along the corridor, which is also easily accessed by the Expo Line, the Silver Line and many Metro Local Bus lines.

The $20-million Figueroa Corridor Streetscape project is funded by a Proposition 1C grant. Proposition 1C funding improves infrastructure for new development in urban areas, with the goal of making streets, sidewalks and transit more accessible for residents of affordable housing.

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  1. This is great for reducing bus transit times with the dedicated bus lane. I have already noticed the reduced travel time on a recent Saturday afternoon. One next step to consider (other than the southbound equivalent on Flower St.) would be to extend and or work on a bus-only lane that leads to the El Monte busway. There’s a huge bottleneck there as well.

  2. Oh no! Hey Metro, call the police, someone stole your Bike Share hub!
    I was so ready to write a glowing review of MyFig, and then Metro ruined my day. There were only a few cars stopped in the freshly painted bike lanes, and the sensors controlling the signals did a great job! I was able to ride to USC in record time.
    When I got to the Expo/USC rail station, I prepared to dock my bike, but I couldn’t find the Bike Share hub, the same hub that I used in July. Where was it? I looked around and found that the hub had been paved over, completely gone.
    I checked my cell phone app to find that the nearest hub was now on the other side of the USC campus, near Galen Center, a ten minute walk from the Jefferson/USC station. Now there aren’t any Bike Share hubs near any of the three Expo stations around USC.
    What gives? Why was this station removed? Doesn’t Metro realize that the synergy between the Expo Line and the Bike Share will benefit both systems?
    Also, I checked the Bike Share page on Metro’s web site and it is still advertising Bike Share “Now open 24/7 in Expo Park”, with photos of 1) Expo Park, 2) the LA Coliseum, and 3) Expo Rail, none of which are now served by Bike Share.

    • Metro, we need Bike Share stations near Metro Rail, near USC and near Expo Park. This is just good design and is a no-brainer.

      The Expo Line’s “Expo Park/USC” station fits all three criteria. At a very minimum, put a Bike Share station there.

    • This is why user feedback is important. Those who actually _use_ ‘the system/network’ tend to see or in this case not see what things are not working well or as planned or misplanned.

  3. So, will this project between 11th and 7th immediately get a remake when the streetcar gets built?

  4. It’s hard to call this a “Complete Street”, when bikes can only ride northbound between 7th and 11th. Where are southbound bikes supposed to ride? On Grand Avenue? On the sidewalk?
    Oh well, time to grab a Bike Share and christen this new facility! (Get out of my way on the sidewalk.)

    • Fig is one way for ALL vehicles (motorized or bicycle). If this makeover is a success, a parallel southbound redo could be done on Flower, shifting to Fig after 11th to avoid the Light Rail and freeway entrance.

    • You need to read the DMV’s Rules of the Road booklet. Byciclist has a duty to follow the road. Thus, since this a one way street for northbound traffic the byciclist must find another street to ride southbound or walk their bicycle northbound on Grand.

      • I’ve seen two-way protected cycle lanes on one-way roads, they could have put such facilities in if they wanted to. Would it still be illegal to ride a bike on an a designated lane in the designated direction if the facilities were in place? Quit being annoying.