Actions taken at June meeting of Metro Board of Directors

pdf here, with links to individual items. 

Here’s the webstream and the recap. Among the actions taken, the Board of Directors:

•Adopted light rail as the “locally preferred alternative” for the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor project. In English, that means the Board will consider giving their stamp of approval to the 9.2-mile light rail line that will run between the Orange Line station in Van Nuys and the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station via Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road. Staff report, Source post and project home page.

•Approved a $410-million contract with Frontier-Kemper/Tutor Perini JV to excavate the 2.59 miles of twin tunnels for the third section of the Purple Line Extension between Century City and the Westwood/VA Hospital. Metro still needs to secure federal “New Starts” funding for the rest of the third section. The first two segments of the project between Wilshire/Western and Century City are under construction. Staff report.

•Adopted the Metro Vision 2028 Plan that outlines the strategies the agency intends to use over the next decade to improve mobility and quality of life in Los Angeles County. Staff report and Vision 2028 Plan.

•Approved a motion to fold its Ad Hoc Customer Service Committee into the Board’s Operations Committee; the motion also asks for metrics on a number of rider-related issues. Motion.

•Discussed a future operating plan for the Green Line and Crenshaw/LAX Line and agreed to table adopting a plan until more discussion and review of other operating options later this year . Staff report and Source post.

•Received an informational report on the different bus routes and fares to be used during the Blue Line closures in 2019 — including a local bus that would stop at every station and a DTLB-to-DTLA express. Staff report.

•Adopted a Resolution of Necessity to obtain property needed for the Aviation/96th Station near LAX where the Crenshaw/LAX Line, Green Line and bus lines will offer a transfer to the people mover that will serve airport terminals. Staff report.

•Approved a motion calling for Metro to study using movable barriers on freeways to create more travel lanes — i.e. on freeways in which there is more traffic flow in one direction than the other. Motion.

•Authorized Metro to enter into a funding agreement with the city of Los Angeles to undertake pre-design activities, prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and conduct public engagement for a potential Arts District/6th Street station serving the Red/Purple Line for an amount of $500,000. Important to note: funding would need to found to actually build the station. Staff report and Source post.

•Approved the Metro Transit Oriented Community Policy which seeks to increase transit ridership and choice; stabilize and enhance communities near transit; engage jurisdictions, communities and the public; distribute transit benefits to all, and; capture the value of transit and redistribute that to the community. The policy includes TOC “activities” such as affordable housing and business development that will be eligible for local return funding. Staff report and the TOC Policy.

•Approved $90.6 million in funding from Metro for Access Services to provide paratransit services across L.A. County on behalf of Metro and 44 other transit agencies. Staff report.






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  1. With Willowbrook out the entire time (my station), it makes it difficult to get to another location. 103rd & Compton aren’t options (parking issues). I hope the Green Line doesn’t have issues, otherwise I’m screwed. I gotta find a place to park. My personal safety is a huge concern, and getting to/from stations are dangerous in many spots.

  2. Will the Expo Line be affected by the closure of the northern half of the Blue Line?

    • Yup, as Steve mentioned above, 45 days to be exact. Looks like I’m better off planning my next vacation around this.

  3. It’s key to point out, although it is not obvious, that the Blue Line northern shutdown will also render that part of the Expo Line inoperative for four months as well. There should be non stop service from LATTC-OIC to 7th Street Metro Center for those passengers, otherwise they will overwhelm the shuttle buses for Blue Line passengers.

    • Hi Henry;

      The Pico and 7th/Metro Expo stations will be closed for 45 days during the closure — not the full four months. As we get closer, we’ll have more details about bus shuttle service.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. Jurisdictions would be very smart to swallow the pill of allowing a temporary bus-only lane while the blue line is out of service where possible. Otherwise the shuttle will be extremely bogged down like all other traffic, so this could mitigate some of that damage.

  5. Many keep asking the same question without a response. Why is the Blue Line work being done PRIOR to the Crenshaw Line opening? Especially with the recommended run pattern from Norwalk to Expo. This will offer a viable train alternative for those south of Willowbrook.

  6. Props to Metro Staff for the excellent Blue Line shuttle plan! I hadn’t considered having multiple shuttles (local shuttle, half-corridor express and end-to-end express) to serve the needs of different kinds of riders. This will make the 8-month project much more tolerable.