Access points to the I-10 Metro ExpressLanes will close for 10 weekends from June 15 through August 2018 for bridge rehab work

Beginning Friday, June 15 at 10 p.m., Caltrans will conduct ten 55-hour weekend lane closures on the I-10 freeway between Atlantic Boulevard and Rosemead Boulevard. Along with the closure of the I-10 Metro ExpressLanes on- and off-ramps, local streets will also be closed.

The first 55-hour weekend closure will begin Friday, June 15 at 10 p.m. and continue through Monday, June 18 at 5 a.m.

The ten locations are phased as follows*

6/15/2018 – 6/18/2018
Phase 1: Atlantic Boulevard (eastbound)

6/22/2018 – 6/25/2018
Phase 2: Fremont Avenue (eastbound) & Sixth Street (eastbound)

6/29/2018 – 7/2/2018
Phase 3: Garfield Avenue (eastbound) & Del Mar Avenue (eastbound)

7/6/2018 – 7/9/2018
Phase 4: New Avenue (eastbound) & Walnut Grove Avenue (eastbound)

7/13/2018 – 7/16/2018
Phase 5: San Gabriel Boulevard (eastbound) & Rosemead Boulevard (eastbound)

7/20/2018 – 7/23/2018
Phase 6: Rosemead Boulevard (westbound) & San Gabriel Boulevard (westbound)

7/27/2018 – 7/30/2018
Phase 7: Walnut Grove Avenue (westbound) & New Avenue (westbound)

8/3/2018 – 8/6/2018
Phase 8: Del Mar Avenue (westbound) & Garfield Avenue (westbound)

8/10/2018 – 8/13/2018
Phase 9: Sixth Street (westbound) & Fremont Avenue (westbound)

8/17/2018 – 8/20/2018
Phase10: Atlantic Boulevard (westbound)

*Note: Dates are subject to change due to unanticipated situations and/or inclement conditions. If a delay were to occur, notifications would be distributed a week prior to the original closure date. 

Drivers using the Metro ExpressLanes may experience delays and will be directed to merge out of the lanes and into the General Purpose lanes prior to the construction zone. The toll amount for the tolled length segment will be reduced due to the closures, since the ExpressLanes toll is a combination of price per mile based on congestion levels and distance traveled. Additionally, drivers can check traffic conditions before they leave by calling 511 or visiting the Caltrans Quickmap at

For inquiries, please call Caltrans Public Affairs (213) 897-3656

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