Business Interruption Fund spotlight: Shabu Shabu House

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Shabu Shabu House is located in the Little Tokyo area of the Regional Connector. It was established in 1990 within the Japanese Village Plaza and is owned and operated by Yoshinobu Maruyama. “Yoshi,” as he is known to his customers, often works at the front of the house greeting customers and assigning them to a table or station.

Shabu Shabu House specializes in Japanese hotpot style entrees known as shabu shabu, where customers cook their own meals. As customers enter Shabu Shabu House, they are seated at stations equipped with stove burners if they are ordering a hotpot entree. Customers are then served a variety of thinly sliced raw meat and vegetable plates and are brought a pot of boiling broth. As customers dip the meats and vegetables, the boiling broth cooks the items on the spot.

During the closures on 2nd Street, Mr. Maruyama recalls that the construction activity caused a decline in foot traffic. As a result, he decided to add items such as curry to the restaurant’s menu to increase the number of take-out options, since shabu shabu is typically not available as a to-go item. “The closures were difficult,” Mr. Maruyama said. “I am grateful that the Business Interruption Fund helped us during that time.”

Shabu Shabu House is located at 127 Japanese Village Plaza, Los Angeles, CA  90012. For more information, call 213.680.3890 or visit Business hours are Tuesday to Friday from noon to 2 p.m. and Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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