Metrolink now offers daily service to Hollywood Burbank Airport

Burbank Airport-North Station. Photo: Luis Inzunza/Metro.

Metrolink now offers daily service to the Hollywood Burbank Airport via the Metrolink Antelope Valley Line. There will be 14 trains running each direction Monday through Friday, and six trains in each direction Saturdays and Sundays.

The new station is located at 3600 N. San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank and will provide a more convenient connection between the Hollywood Burbank Airport and the Metrolink system serving the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley and the rest of Southern California.

The $15-million station was funded by Metro and is approximately one mile from the current airport terminal. Passengers can travel between the station and terminal via a free shuttle  operated by the Hollywood Burbank Airport. The new rail station will also be within walking distance of the planned new terminal that will replace the current terminal, as well as a proposed mix-use development.

Burbank Airport-North Station is the second to serve Hollywood Burbank Airport. Metrolink’s Ventura County Line also provides a station stop on the south side of the airport with train service on weekdays only.

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  1. Shouldn’t the stations be titled, Hollywood – Burbank Airport South and Hollywood – Burbank Airport North? The airport just rebranded. This was a perfect opportunity to change the station names and signage with it. It cannot be that difficult but will make a world of difference for travelers.

  2. Lets face it, Metrolink is not that efficient unless you have a live/work scenario that fits within the schedules, which are super limited. You also are better off living outside of the city and commuting in than vice versa. Also, EVERY train goes through downtown Los Angeles with the exception of the IE/OC line.

    I briefly remember a line reading that Metrolink would honor Metro fares one station out of UNION or something to that affect, but it never truly took off (pun).

    This option to Bob Hope SUCKS, for lack of a better term. I’m forced a layover at my origin from the train in my own city since id have to leave within Metrolink’s narrow scheduling block to get my mid day flight.

    Metrolink does a lot to show off and ribbon cut, but overall NO ONE is really proud of the system except for its board, and its riders use it because it truly is a better option than the freeway. Its too bad the system is still bad for any type of pleasure like taking trips.

  3. There is weekend service at Burbank Airport South too, provided by Amtrak. Metrolink tickets are valid on Amtrak services between Union Station and Burbank Airport South.

    Monday to Friday, there is a combined service of 36 trains in each direction between Union and the two airport stations; yet there are still very large gaps in the service in the middle of the day. An airport really needs more than a service designed for commuters.

  4. If Metro funded the Metrolink station, why can’t Metro run it’s own trains with more frequent service and using the cheaper Metro fares. Metrolink is expensive and have limited use scenarios. It should be absorbed into Metro.

    • Metrolink is a multi-county operation. Metro operates in LA County only and is governed by politicians from that county.

  5. Not that I’m trying to knock the fact that there is another option to access the airport, cause that’s always a good thing, but it seems this station is single-track and if so. . . Why??

    • Yeah it certainly seems short sighted that they did this (penny wise, pound foolish again) but I imagine it is designed in such a way as to allow an easy later addition to the platform to accommodate boarding on a future second track. Metrolink needs to become more like Caltrain (bay area) and Metra in Chicago for it to really be attractive to the general population and single tracking is one of the biggest hurdles for Metrolink to overcome but its gotta be done. Metrolink’s system wide ridership is the same as the single line Caltrain. I think its obvious why…

      • I should clarify that I mean’t I think it’s obvious why ridership on Metrolink is the same as Caltrain rather than that being the reason to only build a single platform / track.

  6. User Interface issue: There is now a separate choice for a ticket to on or the other Burbank Airport stations on the Metrolink TVMs. Why not just have the destination be listed as “Burbank Airport” (or whatever they are marketing themselves as now) and charge the correct fare for the origin being used?

    I realize this is a Metrolink issue, but the majority of the riders to these stations originate within Los Angeles County and it Metro paid for this, Metro needs to assist Metrolink in the face they present to the traveling public.

    • And while considering this idea, consider another one.
      If you look up schedules or fares from the airport to Union Station on the website, you have to look for ‘L.A. Union Station’. Wouldn’t ‘Union Station’, ‘Los Angeles’ or ‘Downtown’ (or ideally all three) be more friendly to visitors?