Here’s where to get Ride with Pride TAP cards starting May 16

Take pride in riding Metro!

We have a new design for 2018!

Metro will be stocking limited edition Pride TAP cards at select TAP Vending Machines starting May 16, just in time for Long Beach Pride (which you can get to via Metro). There will be a second drop of cards during LA Pride Week, and a final drop in August before DTLA Proud Festival. See the schedule and locations below.

Available starting Wednesday, May 16:

Available starting Saturday, June 2:

  • Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station
  • 7th St/Metro Center
  • Union Station
  • North Hollywood Station
  • Hollywood/Vine Station
  • Hollywood/Highland Station
  • Universal City/Studio City Station
  • Wilshire/Western Station
  • Culver City Station
  • Downtown Santa Monica Station
  • Memorial Park Station

Available starting Wednesday, Aug. 22:

  • Union Station
  • Civic Center/Grand Park Station
  • Pershing Square Station
  • 7th St/Metro Center

Stickers will be located above the TVM screen to show which machines are stocked with the limited edition cards. TAP cards cost $1 at TVMs (plus minimum of $1.75 stored value loaded on card), or $2 at the customer centers (plus minimum of $1 loaded on card).

11 replies

  1. I’ve stopped by the LA Union Station three times now since May 16th and every time have been told they haven’t recieved any Pride TAP cards. What’s going on?! 🙁

    • Hi Jason,

      Sorry to hear this! We were told each customer center is supposed to have received approximately 400 cards. I recommend contacting if there are any issues with distribution.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

    • P.S. if it helps, the June 2 drop includes TVMs at Union Station and there will be about 8k cards loaded, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. Wish I could find LAST years card with the larger rainbow pattern. Way cooler.

  3. WOW!! That was fast! These TAP cards are sold out at Willow Station!! All three machines!

  4. How long will these be available for? Like if I’m at Union Station on May 17th, will I be able to find a ticket booth that is selling the Ride With Pride TAP cards?

    • Hi,

      There are a few thousand cards for this first drop, so you should be able to get one. And the second drop in June has even more cards!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  5. If you intend to actually use the TAP card and are willing to register it online, you can add $5.05, $7.99, $22.56, etc. to your TAP card’s stored value. You can easily restore the balance to your desired ending number, or to multiples of $1.75 if that is what you need.

  6. The customer service center at Union Station would allow me to add $1 to my TAP card!! I had 75 cents left and figured I would be able to add $1 to pay for a one way fare. So, how can people who are buying a TAP card add only $1?