Tell us where you want Metro Bike Share in Pasadena

Metro Bike Share wants to hear from you!

Metro is constantly looking to improve the bike share system and is interested in relocating some stations in Pasadena to better serve residents and visitors. Whether you use the system every day or have never tried it, your feedback will help us make Metro Bike Share more usable and ensure that Metro Bike Share best serves Pasadena. To give your input, visit

When thinking about where you would like stations to be located, please consider the following questions:

What are the space requirements for a bike share station?

The average station size is approximately 50 feet in length. Some stations may be smaller or larger. Stations may be placed in parking lanes, plazas or open areas that do not impact circulation

What are the station siting criteria?

We are searching for locations on streets, sidewalks or plazas that provide:

  • Connectivity – Connections to transit hubs and key destinations create a network.
  • Space Availability – Wider sidewalks and parking spaces are great locations.
  • Accessibility – Stations should be visible from the street and easy, safe and comfortable to get to.
  • Sun – Sunny spots are best since stations run on solar power.
  • Demand and Support – Stations should be located where there is high demand.
  • Convenient & Close to Bike Lanes – Stations should be as close as possible to key destinations and placed along streets with bike lanes or where riding is comfortable.

We look forward to hearing from you! The deadline for comments is Friday, May 18.

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  1. You mean the current location of the bikes are bad? I mean almost every time I pass by the bike racks, at most there are two bikes rented out!