Gold Line: repairs completed, trains now resuming scheduled service

Final update, 11:50 a.m.: All repairs to both tracks are now completed. Trains will resume scheduled service, running every 20 minutes through 2:30 pm. Thank you for your patience this week as crews worked to repair all damages.

Update, 7:13 a.m: Gold Line trains are now sharing the Union Station-bound track between Del Mar and Lake. Service will run every 20 minutes and supplementary buses will remain in service until the end of morning rush. We would like to thank everyone for their patience as we work closer to resuming normal service.

Friday, April 27 5 a.m.: Buses will continue to replace Gold Line trains between Memorial Park and Allen Station until further notice. For live updates, check or follow @metroLAalerts on Twitter.

Update 9 p.m. Thursday: Bus shuttles will replace train service between Memorial Park, Lake and Allen Stations through close of service. Repair work will continue overnight. We will update before start of service tomorrow with commute info.

Update, 12:40 p.m.: Crews are currently assessing damages, but repairs will likely take multiple days. Bus shuttles will continue to be in service through the evening between Memorial Park, Lake and Allen Stations. Trains will be running every 10-12 minutes between APU/Citrus College and Allen Station, and between Memorial Park and East LA. This will be the service plan throughout today, next update will be at 9 p.m.

Please allow extra travel time or consider these alternate routes for your commute. Some lines are offering free transfers for Metro Gold Line riders during disruption.

Metrolink San Bernardino Line will accommodate Gold Line riders with valid TAP cards.

  • Westbound: board Metrolink Trains at Covina and Baldwin Park stations to Union Station only.
  • Eastbound: board Metrolink Trains at Union Station for travel to Baldwin Park and Covina stations only.

The following Foothill Transit bus lines will also honor Metro TAP card as fare payment.

From Covina Metrolink Station to APU/Citrus College Station

From Azusa to Downtown Pasadena serving APU/Citrus College, Azusa Downtown and Sierra Madre Villa Station

From Sierra Madre Villa to Downtown Pasadena

From Sierra Madre Villa to Downtown LA

From Irwindale and Duarte/City of Hope to Downtown LA

From Monrovia to Downtown LA

From Arcadia to Downtown LA

For live updates, check or follow @metroLAalerts on Twitter.



Update, 10 a.m.: buses continue to replace trains between Allen and Memorial Park Station. Trains will be running every 10-12 minutes between APU/Citrus College and Allen Station, and between Memorial Park and East LA.See video below of truck being removed. Once the debris is cleared, Metro staff will be able to evaluate the damage and we’ll have a better idea of how long repairs will take.

Update, 9:50 a.m.: Metro CEO Phil Washington said at the agency’s Board meeting this morning that Metro continues to work with Caltrans on the design of a project to fortify the existing barriers on the 210 between the freeway lanes and the Gold Line tracks.

Update, 6:30 a.m.: Pasadena Transit Lines 10 and 40 are now offering free rides to Gold Line riders. Both lines run service between Sierra Madre Villa, Allen and Memorial Park stations.

Gold Line train service between Memorial Park and Allen Station is currently suspended due to a traffic collision on the westbound 210 freeway near Lake Avenue that occurred at approximately 1:22 a.m. An overturned semi-trailer truck and debris are blocking both tracks. Metro staff will assess the damage to Gold Line tracks and power supply equipment and will know more once the truck can be removed.

Bus shuttles will be in service between Memorial Park, Lake and Allen Stations. Trains will be running every 15 minutes between APU/Citrus College and Allen Station, and between Memorial Park and East LA. Please allow extra time to travel through the impacted area.

Consider these alternate routes to bypass the incident:

From Azusa to Downtown Pasadena

From Sierra Madre Villa to Downtown LA

Pasadena Transit Line 40 runs service between Sierra Madre Vila, Allen and Memorial Park stations.

For live updates, check or follow @metroLAalerts on Twitter.

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  1. Stop spreading misinformation! Service is still significantly delayed. I just waited 25 minutes at Del Mar for the southbound train, from 7:35 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. I’m done with this Gold Line where every month there’s a major problem. I’m driving from now on.

  2. You can also catch the shuttle at the NE corner of Lake and Walnut. NB: If you are on the NW corner the bus will not stop for you. There are no temporary signs anywhere and Supervisor Rice for one could not see the point.

  3. Long long ago, the original AT&SF (Santa Fe) Railroad right-of-way (ROW) went along Walnut St….you can still barely see segments of it today. When the 210 was built, they included the tracks, and the Santa Fe RR was moved to the median of the 210. (sometime around 1972-1974 I think). The tunnel where the original line exited the freeway is still there, just to the north of Target off of Kinneloa. (Not sure the use of this tunnel now). Most of this ROW has now been built up, in fact Pasadena Honda (at Foothill and Walnut), sits literally right on top of the old ROW. That would have been a better option to use the “former-former” AT&SF right of way, but way too late now.

  4. I think it’s time for Metro to look for options to realign the 5-6 miles of the Gold Line between Pasadena and Arcadia out of the I-210 median and onto a more productive alignment. Aside from the safety issues, running light rail along the freeway median fails to provide attractive service to the passengers who live and work here. While it may improve travel time for passengers going through this portion of the alignment, its notoriously uncomfortable for passengers at the stations with the noise and pollution. Move the alignment closer to all of the housing, offices and other attractions along Colorado Boulevard.

    • Agreed, but the door closed years ago on that suggestion. Maybe, the way things are configured, nothing would really help, just a trade off on future calamities.

      • The problem with that proposal is that Metro would have to purchase new RoW or create a whole new one by demolishing houses. Barrier upgrading sounds cheaper and accurate.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of the risk of putting something at-grade in the middle of a freeway. I’m guessing there was financial pressure to go with whatever the at-grade alternative was and there wasn’t much of a choice there. I should note I’m totally guessing and not about to make a science project out of it.

      I like that people also blame them for streets being congested and buses getting off schedule. In the end, everything is all Metro’s fault.

    • Its Metro’s fault for failing to build a proper barrier between the tracks and the freeway. The barrier through this section in much too low and the original plan called for a much larger barrier. Do you want to be on the train that will eventually fall victim to this? I think not…

      • Hi Ryan:

        I added a couple sentences to the post earlier reminding everyone that Metro is working with Caltrans on the design phase of a project to fortify the barriers.

        Steve Hymon
        Editor, The Source

      • Not sure why people are so quick to blame Metro for accidents caused by reckless drivers.

  5. What? Not again! Really Phil you need to get a handle on this. The Gold Line is a two track railway squeezed between the lanes of the busy 210 Freeway and it only has a safety barricade the height of my belly-button, is that right? (Can you say “belly-button” on The Source?) What, METRO has the bucks to bore tunnels and lay new train tracks around the county–willy-nilly–but not the money for this obvious “death trap” waiting to happen? What about the buckets of moolah from Prop. M, Metro’s forever sales tax for a start? The original plan for the Gold Line included a taller, stronger, barricade, but it was cut down to come-in on budget. Didn’t NASA do something like that with the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion? I think it’s way passed due for a strong and tall barrier to be built between the Gold Line and the 210 Freeway before a major tragedy forces METRO to do it! SAFETY FIRST we used to say on the railroad!

  6. I bet people are really wish Metro went with a Monorail option for the Goldline. Would have saved lots of money on traffic related repairs and delays to commuters. Also would have took half the time and money to build out and save a lot of money on routine maintenance. Now a Nascar style catch fence need to be installed ASAP to help with reliability.

  7. Is there a way to get Gold Line service alerts via sms? I’m not a frequent Twitter user and thus often I am not aware of an issue until I get to my station and see 5 gabillion Metro trucks or 5 gabillion passengers, as I did this morning and earlier in the week. I’d like to commend you on the service at the Mem Park station this morning. When I arrived to a crazy crowded platform I thought I would have to wait a long time for a train and be crammed in like sardines. Pleased that was not the case! An announcer was advising when the next train would arrive (amazing!) and when it did there was ample room for everyone.

    • Hi Kelly,

      To receive service alerts via SMS texts to your phone, text “FOLLOW metroLAalerts” to 40404. No Twitter account is required. Another option is to download the Go Metro app, which has an alerts tab that shows what is ongoing and any scheduled detours, etc. Thank you!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  8. You guys are just having a banner week. Yet another preventable accident! Are you guys waiting for a horrific accident with multiple deaths before you build a decent barrier in this section?

    • I’m assuming you mean something else, but I don’t think a fence would have helped much in this situation.