Bike Share for Business Spotlight: JCDecaux

Metro’s Bike Share for Business program offers employers across Los Angeles County the opportunity to provide their employees with discounted passes. This month we will be showcasing some of the companies taking advantage of the program, which provides staff a fast, affordable, and fun way to get around town.

Photo by Rabi Abonour/Metro.

First up is JCDecaux, an outdoor advertising company with an L.A. office in South Park. You’ve probably seen their logo on signs around the city. The company has operated bike share systems in Europe, so it was excited to see Metro launch a program here in L.A. and was one of the first Bike Share for Business members. Co-managing Director Francois Nion loves that bike share lets him get to meetings in a new way.

“For me the best part of bike share is the freedom of it,” said Francois. “What I do the most is I go from here to Broadway and 9th … Technically I could walk there, but it’s kind of a long walk. The bike makes it a lot more fun.”

For employees who already ride a bike, Bike Share for Business is an obvious perk. With safe and well-maintained bicycles across the county you always have access to a set of wheels.

“I have my personal bike, but I use bike share when I’m at work,” says Project Manager Melissa Hernandez. “It’s very convenient to travel around downtown.”

Photo by Rabi Abonour/Metro.

Metro Bike Share isn’t just for experienced cyclists, though. Sales Coordinator Jenna Molyneux had never ridden a bike around L.A., but decided to give it a try with JCDecaux signed up for Bike Share for Business. Once she realized the speed and convenience of bike share, she started using it all the time.

“I take it everywhere downtown,” she explained. “I just feel safer getting there quicker than walking by myself. They’re light and there are flashing lights.”

Participating in Bike Share for Business allows companies to join in Metro’s mission of providing Angelenos with sustainable and efficient transportation options.

“Our company is so geared towards the community, and I think having the bike share helps the community,” Jenna said.

JCDecaux belongs to the Bike Share for Business Silver Plan, meaning that the company pays $9 per month per pass and each employee pays $3. Metro also offers Gold and Bronze plans offering employers and employees different options for splitting the $12/month pass price (a 40 percent discount off the standard membership rate). For more information and to sign up your business visit, email or call (646) 377-3706.