Take the new survey for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor project

To help gather information for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor project, Metro is conducting a short online survey to understand more about those who use the 405 freeway, Sepulveda Boulevard, canyon roads and other routes between the San Fernando Valley, the Westside, LAX, the South Bay and other parts of the Southland.

The survey includes questions about travel times, routes, destinations and what is most important to those traveling around our region — whether it be travel time, convenience or impact on the environment. Survey results will help Metro target our outreach for the project. As an incentive, Metro is offering all those who take the survey a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

The Sepulveda Transit Corridor project launched a feasibility study last December to evaluate a number of rail transit alternatives with potential connections to the Orange Line, East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor (bus rapid transit or light rail between Van Nuys and the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station), Purple Line Extension, Expo Line and other transit connections near LAX. Local funding for the project comes from Measures R and M — with Measure M supplying nearly $10 billion for the project. Metro is also pursuing the possibility of a public-private partnership to deliver the project sooner.

The feasibility study is scheduled to be complete in Fall 2019. The study’s findings will be the basis for further planning activities, including state and federal environmental studies that will refine the project.

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  1. They should be looking at this in conjunction with extending the Purple Line further west from the VA. One reason the peak hour traffic west of the 405 is so terrible is that may people from the Valley work in Santa Monica.

  2. I agree, a transit line either up the middle of the 405 or under Sawtelle or Bundy are all good ideas as well as extending the Purple line all the way to the ocean.

  3. This Route should be combined with the East SF Valley Project. And give a one seat ride between Sylmar and LAX. So you do not need to make transfers between both Routes. And Should also look at combing this route with the future Nordhoff Project. It will help relieve the 405 fwy if there was a system like that. So people who live in the South Bay Area can have a one seat ride to either CSUN or Sylmar.

  4. Start by congestion pricing the entire Sepulveda corridor. Only after we limit the number of vehicles to the design limits of the roadways we will discover all the great ways we can move more people in less time with newer ride-share technologies.

  5. I suggest from The Getty south to Barrington and they can put the Brentwood stop right at the Veterans Park or Post Office –Currently known as the dog park and then jag toward Bundy/Centinela as a few folks have suggested.

  6. Widen the freeway again with more lanes? What a joke!! Each time they widen the freeway the east-west streets get more crowded and the freeways stays the same. If they insist on another fix run an elevated light rail line down the middle of the freeway with one stop at Molholland midway.

  7. Won’t it be easier to just bring it down from the Red Line, to the Purple Line and meet at the Crenshaw/LAX Line. The 405 has no commuters via the mountain pass. They do need another North-South Line from West LA to South Bay.

    • Theres separate plan (or study) for that via the Crenshaw line north going to the red line. And the 405 most certainly does have a ton of commuters through the pass. It’s the primary north south route connecting the valley to the west side. Tons of people live in the valley and commute south… Not sure where you got the idea that that’s not so…

  8. For the love of god please put it west of the 405 when you get south of Wilshire. Much more dense on that side of the 405 and no reliable north-south options there. Metro’s MO would be to put it on Sepulveda, but putting it directly alongside the freeway would be a big mistake. Go down Bundy/Centinella until you get to Westchester instead–lots of jobs there and only growing. Plus you’re going to have to go west of the 405 anyway to meet up with LAX.

    • This is one area where they will have to anticipate future development. Aside from the growing job center at Playa Vista, the north/south corridor on Centinela is still fairly low density – but higher density than Sepulveda, which is mostly residential between the Expo line and Culver City. The only other busy north/south corridor in the area seems to be Lincoln, and Metro has long range plans for BRT there.

      • But what about Overland? Much higher residential density along that route in Palms, plus it hits Sony and the southern end of Downtown Culver. Not totally sure what route it would take south of there, however.

      • But what about continuing south on Westwood and then jogging over to Overland? Palms has the residential density along that route, plus it would hit Sony and the southern end of downtown Culver. Not totally sure how it would proceed from there, however.

  9. Okay honestly there’s no reason this study needs to take so long. It’s been done half a dozen times before. You know which alternatives you want to decide between, now start the community engagement and get it over with please.