Safety and security on Metro: get to know Metro Transit Security

Metro’s Board of Directors approved a new contract to increase the police’s presence on Metro in 2017. Since then, the Los Angeles and Long Beach police departments have joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Metro Transit Security in patrolling the Metro system.

In this four-part series on safety and security we’ll be introducing you to our law enforcement partners. This installment features Metro Transit Security, who primarily handle fare enforcement and event security. You might encounter them conducting fare checks at stations and responding to other code of conduct reports?

In the video above, Officers Tran and Rodriguez talk about how they build relationships with riders and keep them safe while reminding them to TAP.

If you ever encounter or witness a situation that you feel is dangerous or makes you feel unsafe, please call security right away at 888.950.7233. If it’s an emergency, dial 9-1-1. You can alert Metro staff to incidents by using the train intercom or station intercoms marked by red signs on station platforms. You can also make reports anonymously and upload photos or video with the Transit Watch app

If you’re not able to report a crime immediately, try to get to a safe location and then make the call. Please keep in mind our Twitter feeds are not staffed 24/7 — while we do our best to assist when we’re able, it’s always best to directly report incidents right away to law enforcement.

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