Actions today by the Metro Board of Directors

The Metro Board of Directors meeting today is in the books. The big ticket item was approval of alternative 5C as the preferred alternative for the 710 Corridor Project along with the requirement that no widening of the freeway takes place without Board approval in the future. Here’s a separate post on that.

Otherwise, the Board today:

•Postponed consideration until next month of a contract to expand TAP card sales to hundreds of new retail outlets in Los Angeles County.

•Certified the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Los Angeles Union Station Forecourt and Esplanades Improvement Project to upgrade pedestrian and cycling access to Union Station and ultimately convert the north parking lot to a park.

Please see this post for renderings and more about the project. From the staff report: “Staff has secured approximately $18 million in grant and matching funds to design and implement all of the Project improvements with the exception of the forecourt, for which staff is actively seeking funds.” This is good news!

•Approved expanding the number of possible routes under study for the West Santa Ana Branch Corridor, a project that proposes to build a light rail line between Artesia and downtown Los Angeles. Here’s the staff report. Please see this post for maps and more info. New routes could terminate at an Arts District Station for a transfer to the Red/Purple Line or in the downtown Los Angeles core.

•Approved TAP as the only valid form of fare payment on the Rapid 720 and Rapid 754 after all-door boarding begins on those bus lines later this year. Please see this post for more on that project.

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    • Hi Philip –

      Let me check on that and will post answer early this week. Good question!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

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  2. Then they wonder why passengers are abandoning the bus and rail system. It has to be passenger friendly not a cumbersome and expensive ordeal.

  3. Just another example of the stupidity at the MTA with decisions made by those with no transportation experience other than that which they acquired from a text book

  4. So does that mean you can’t pay fare with cash anymore when all door boarding begins?