Video: pouring the concrete at Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill Station

In early morning hours of a cool winter morning, 20 concrete mixer trucks have arrived at the future Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill Station in downtown Los Angeles.

It was the first major concrete slab pour for the new station’s concourse level and crews were preparing to place 185 cubic yards of concrete 70 feet below the surface. New footage from the construction site shows how crews worked quickly to pour, level and then finish the ubiquitous building material before it sets and hardens.

It will take approximately 24 hours for the concrete to harden and several days to fully cure. The rest of the concourse level slab will be poured in the coming weeks and crews will also begin to build the wall located on the north side of the station’s track level.

The station, at 2nd and Hope, is part of the Regional Connector project that is tying together the Blue, Expo and Gold Lines via 1.9-mile twin tunnels in DTLA. The tunnel will allow trains from Azusa, East Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Monica to run to and through DTLA, greatly reducing the need to transfer for those using Metro’s light rail trains.

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  1. That name is gonna sound pretty annoying on the “The next station will be…” announcement. In reality, all of our stations should simply be named after the closest intersection. There would be exceptions like 7th St Metro, Pershing Square, and Farmdale (fartdale) Station but yuck, “Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill Station” just sounds wonky.

  2. Lol… who’s idea was it to name the station Grand Ave Arts when there’s a high school colloquially known as Grand Arts in Chinatown up the street?

  3. Too many words in the station name. Just Bunker Hill or Bunker Hill Arts will suffice

    • Could not agree more. I can’t stand the hyphenated names. A single name gives the station character like in London and Montreal. The station becomes the identity of the area, not the streets. People have phones, they know where they are going.

  4. This is off topic here, but has been on my mind for some time now. Here is my question; Where did the old MTA/RTD Line 68, from Los Angeles to Glendora, have it’s last stop in Glendora. Second question; Where was that stop in relation to the proposed Gold Line extention to Montclair?