Blue Line Update: trains resuming normal service

10:49 a.m., Update: Blue Line trains are now running normal 12-minute midday service.

Due to weather related signal issues that began around 6 a.m. today, the Blue Line will run every 20 minutes as we work to restore the signaling system.

Please note trains will travel at reduced speeds and hold at varies locations throughout the line.

Blue Line customers may want to consider a combination of the Green Line and Silver Line as an alternate route. has a trip planner, as does Google Maps.

Metro personnel and law enforcement have been dispatched to assist at signal points along the Blue Line. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

To keep tabs on any changes in service, follow @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts.

2 replies

  1. What we have here is moderate rain. Not a blizzard or a hurricane. Just basic rain.

    The announcements said the delay was “due to the weather”. No, the delay is due to a signal or power system which is not able to operate in the rain. There’s a big difference.

    It took me two hours to get to work – first waiting for a train, and then creeping slowly toward 7th/Metro. An hour late for work because our system has trouble with basic rain.

    A field trip may be in order: send someone to Europe to see how they do it. Their street trains don’t seem to have any problems at all with water falling from the sky.