Optic gate scanners will allow Metrolink mobile ticket holders to transfer to Metro Rail

As some riders have already noticed, optic scanners are being installed at gated Metro rail stations. The scanners will allow Metrolink mobile ticket holders to get through Metro gates and are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Metrolink mobile ticket holders will use the QR code at the gate scanner for ticket validation and entry through Metro rail gates. Only select locked gates will be fitted with the optic scanners.

Metrolink ticket holders will not be able to validate their tickets at stand-alone validators or at bus fare boxes. Visual inspection will still be required for Metrolink paper and mobile tickets.  To show their Mobile app ticket for inspection on rail or bus, Metrolink riders will press the arrow key below the QR code and the visual ticket will then appear for inspection.   

A reminder on fare policy for Metrolink tickets on Metro:

  • One-Way, Round Trip, Weekend Day Passes:  These ticket types are eligible for unlimited travel on Metro’s rail system on the day of validity only. 
  • 7-Day Passes are eligible for unlimited access to Metro’s rail system for (7) days starting on the day when the pass is purchased.
  • Month Passes are eligible for unlimited access to Metro’s rail system for the calendar month indicated on the pass.
  • The EZ transit pass logo must appear on their ticket to ride Metro.

11 replies

  1. So now the question is, coming from Union Station and into Santa Monica, HOW am i gonna transfer from red/purple line to Expo Line at 7th St/Metro Center? There’s no scanners st transfer validators.

    • Hi Michael —

      The optical readers are still being installed and aren’t turned on yet. So just do as you normally do.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. As an operator it is difficult to visually validate paper Metrolink passes in a timely manner. I understand the number of busses versus the ridership, but the Silver Line, Orange Line and at least the lines that pass 7th St/Metro and Union Stations would truly benefit for the QR scanner.

    • Hi Chuck –

      Should be soon! We’ll let you know when.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. I noticed an optical scanner yesterday. It is at a station that is not near Metrolink. It is however at a station that can see extremely high ridership at some times (filling the entire train at a single stop). At this station preprinted paper tickets with QR codes might be a way to process large crowds without the need to by a TAP for 1 round trip a year.

    BTW, I did not understand the way that Metro handled the crowds at first at this station (entrance only on 1 side and exit on the other. But when I watched the huge crowds, I figured out the logic and saw how well it worked. At the time 4 minute headways would have filled 3 car trains for quite some time. (If the 5 or so most impacted stations had semi limited service (each train stopping at 2 or so), it could have made the service run even faster.)