City of L.A. working to update zoning around Orange Line stations

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With funding from Metro, the city of Los Angeles Planning Department is working on a new Transit Neighborhood Plan for five stations along the Orange Line, as well as other Metro lines. In plain English, the plan’s purpose is to encourage more development near stations — and to regulate development.

The above graphic from the Planning Department gives you an idea what the city has in mind. The Daily News also has an article today that does a nice job explaining it.

The city site also lets you look at the existing zoning for each of the five stations — basically a larger view of what’s in the map above.

As mentioned above, the city is also working on similar plans for stations along the Expo Line, Crenshaw/LAX Line, Purple Line Extension and Regional Connector. Visit this website to sign up for email updates on the city’s planning efforts.


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3 replies

  1. I agree. Most of the proposed development appears to address only destinations. There must places around stations where moderately-priced housing can be developed to solve the origination problems.

    I realize that in the past zoning policies encouraged sprawl, something that plagues any new transit system. However, only then can these plans be called a potential solution to the first mile-last mile problem facing all public transportation.

  2. Don’t see much in housing. But if so, I hope it is not the Avalon apartments at Del Mar station where a studio costs just under $1900 a month. So much for low income housing one would say.