Meatless Mondays with Metro: Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House

Take a little more transit and eat a little less meat — two things you can do to reduce your environmental impact. In this installment of Meatless Mondays with Metro, we take the Blue Line to Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House.

Sura is known for authentic Korean BBQ and spicy tofu soup, but they also serve Mexican fusion. For those of you who are skeptical about Korean Mexican fusion, don’t be — the flavors really work. And even better, they have a dedicated vegan menu, and the vegan items are cooked in separate cookware.

Photos: SuraLBC Instagram

The vegan shiitake ‘shroom fries came highly recommended, and I quite enjoy the dwenjang jiigae (fermented soybean paste stew). Give the tofu K-tacos a try as well; even if you’re leery of the idea of Korean flavored tofu tacos, it’s just $3.50 for two tacos.

To get to Sura, take the Blue Line to 5th Street Station and walk about five minutes east on 6th Street. You can also take Long Beach Transit Line 61 to Atlantic at 6th St.

Have other recommendations for vegan/veggie restaurants? Let me know in the comments!