Bike path attack, Inglewood stadium transit connections, DSE video: HWR, Oct. 31

First, this public safety announcement: be safe out there tonight whether on foot or bike or in a car. Should be fun evening between the World Series and Halloween — but keep your heads up and don’t rush.

At least 6 reported dead as truck careens down bike path in Manhattan (NYT)

Sickening. The story is still developing. “At least six people were killed when a man drove a pickup truck as many as 20 blocks down a bike path next to the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon before he jumped out with fake guns and was shot by police officers, the authorities said,” reports the NYT. Authorities have not called it a terrorist attack.

Metro study of high-capacity transit to Inglewood stadium ( Public Record Requests)

Hat tips to transit observer Henry Fung for finding this and Scott Frazier for tweeting about it. The report was done by Metro as a consultant for the city of Inglewood and had not previously been posted on the Metro website.

Among other possibilities, the study looked at ways to link the Green Line (south of the stadium in the 105 freeway median) and the Crenshaw/LAX Line (north of the stadium along Florence Avenue) to the stadium. The gist of it: such a connection was deemed too costly and complex and, thus, has never been pursued.

It’s a public document and I get asked about it once in a while, so there it is. The Rams and Chargers aren’t scheduled to move to their new Inglewood home until the 2020 season, meaning there’s plenty of time to work out transportation issues. I’m guessing that bus shuttles from Metro Rail are an option that will be considered.

Amazon Studios relocating to historic Culver studios (Urbanize LA)

The facility is relocating from an Expo Line-friendly Santa Monica location to an Expo Line-friendly location in downtown Culver City. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get around to tackling episode three of “The Man in the High Castle” one of these days.

PHOTOS: After dramatic BART rescue, dog settles into new home (SF Chronicle)

The pit bull mix led BART security officers on a long chase last month in Oakland. The dog — named Bodhi — has now been adopted out and is enjoying his new home. Here’s a pic of the pup:

Quasi-related: Both Anna and I own pit bull mix rescue dogs, FWIW. I simply loved this documentary, called “The Champions,” about the dogs rescued from former NFL player Michael Ring. It’s streaming on Netflix for those interested.

Dept. of Dodger Stadium Express

We wrote, shot and edited this Monday afternoon at Division 13 — across the street from Metro headquarters in DTLA. If the bus operator looks familiar that’s because he drives the Rapid 720 on Wilshire Boulevard — one of Metro’s busier routes.

We cribbed heavily from other things we’ve seen over the years. The most blatant is the second scene in the bathroom, which comes straight from Rocky III. To wit:

The shot of the bus operator walking toward the camera was also a riff on the astronauts walking toward the camera in “The Right Stuff.”

Please give the video a watch if you’d like and feel free to share. It was fun trying to sell something (the Dodger bus) without overtly trying to sell something.




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