Photos: a look underground 2nd Street in downtown L.A.

A major obstacle work crews had to overcome this past summer at the future Historic Broadway Station site was the removal of an old storm drain and installing its upgraded fiberglass replacement. A recent video shows how this was done, and now new photos detail how workers demolished, installed, and fitted the new pipe.

Demolishing a structure of this size required workers to use cutting torches, jackhammers, and elbow grease. The new pipe is shown suspended from the road decking above, cradled by large yellow bands. As workers dismantle the old pipe, excavators are busy nearby excavating the site while another crew works on building the support of excavation structure that is the perimeter of the work zone. In the later phase of replacing the storm drain, notice how the elbow joints are custom made using a concrete form to cast the final pieces.

With the new storm drain in place, crews can continue digging down to the station’s final depth of 85 feet below ground.

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  1. I take it these are more of Ken Karagozian’s photos? He briefly mentioned the storm drain during his presentation last week, showing something like the third or fifth photo here in his slideshow. The replacement looks to be much more desirable from a maintenance point of view, so while it may have been an inconvenience to the transit project, it’s an infrastructure upgrade that would probably have been needed in the future anyway.

    Is the cost shared by LADWP or whoever maintains the drainage system?