Aerial view of Crenshaw/LAX Line

I flew into LAX from Sacramento on Monday and grabbed a window seat on the right side of the plane. We landed on the northern runway, so it was a good seat for Crenshaw/LAX Line spotting. A couple pics:

Click to see larger. Photos courtesy Steve Hymon.

This is almost the entire line from just north of Leimert Park Station at the bottom of the screen to the junction with the Green Line at the top right. I drew a line in Photoshop to help follow the rail line — the orange line is to the right or bottom of the Crenshaw/LAX Line route.

This is the section of the line that runs through an industrial area just north of LAX. The crossing over Manchester Boulevard can be seen at top left. At top right is the bridge over the 405 freeway. For reference, here’s a project map:

It was a good day for airplane photography. A few other pics, some transpo-related and some not.

That’s the stretch of Western Avenue (left of center) south of Slauson.

That’s the Blue Line at right and the northern end of the Alameda Corridor to the right of that.

And, finally, a stretch of the San Andreas Fault north of the Carrizo Plain — basically east of San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. The fault runs from top to bottom down the center of the photo.


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  1. Great shots Steve, I really like like the overhead perspective. That series of photos would be impossilble to get with a drone because of the restrictions of operating so close to LAX, so thanks for the advance planning. G. Hunter

    • Thanks Gerald! Exactly–we have a drone to use for construction pics but for Crenshaw can only use on the northern part of the line due to air space restrictions. Thank goodness Southwest has: 1) open seating so I could snag a window seat, and; 2) clean windows on their planes! Cheap fares also help, although I was traveling for fun not business.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source