Crawling back to you; How We Roll, Oct. 3

Dept. of Orange Line: To speed up buses and prepare the O.L. for conversion to light rail in the future, Metro staff is proposing a mile-long bridge above five major streets and crossing gates for many other streets that cross the busway. More here. The Valley Industry and Commerce Assn. has already issued a press release saying they like the proposal.

Dodger March to the World Series: Everything you need to know about the free bus to the Dodgers playoff games beginning this Friday night at Chavez Ravine.

One potential World Series opponent will be eliminated tonight in the AL wildcard game. Personally, I desire a Twins win (my default is “Go Midwest”) but professionally a Metropolis/Gotham-Los Angeles World Series offers more social media mischief.

Things to listen to whilst transiting:

From the RTD to the MTA, from transistors to car stereos to walkmans to smartphones, from Ventura Boulevard to freeways running through yards, few artists over the years have given commuters everywhere as much great music as Tom Petty.

I know our ridership is a melting pot with all sorts of musical tastes beyond FM radio of the late 20th century. But Petty was one of the great American songwriters and I really encourage anyone reading this — especially the sprouts among you — to stream some of his tunes whilst commuting.

Here’s a good Apple Music playlist with some cuts beyond the stuff you’ve probably heard. I’d also add “Crawling Back to You” from Wildflowers, which is probably his best overall record.

Art of Transit: 

Governor Brown Signs Bill: No More Tickets for Crossing on Countdown (Streetsblog CA)

I think if I had ever been ticketed for this, my noggin would have done a Scanners/Raiders of the Lost Ark thing.

Worth noting:

Note that this new bill applies only to countdown signals, which are usually accompanied by a flashing hand. If there is no countdown, current law still maintains that a pedestrian cannot enter the intersection once the hand or “don’t walk” signal begins flashing.

How Saudi women fought for the right to drive (NYT)

Well worth watching if you have the time. A good look into the sights, sounds and words from a nation whose chief product makes it possible for others to drive…but not many of their own. Great to see progress, sad that it took so long to accomplish.

‘Blade Runner’ and the dystopic Los Angeles (CityLab)

The article argues that the original ‘Blade Runner’ changed the way that L.A. was portrayed in the movies.

Hmmm, I’m not so sure. The film was too futuristic to be taken too seriously in that regard. I’d argue that it was several other films  — “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Boyz in the Hood,” “Colors” and “Falling Down” — that featured L.A.’s less glamorous side and made it okay for others to do so.

But this is fun — and nice cameo for Union Station!

Taco Bell ditching drive-thrus and adding booze (Food and Wine)

The chain makes 55 percent to 70 percent of its revenues from the drive-thru, but is going to open 300+ stores in urban areas chasing the millennial audience. Good news for those who think allowing cars to idle and pollute while waiting at drive-thrus in areas with poor air quality is cray-cray.

My stomach has become too old and weary to handle what the TB is peddling, but back in days of yore I always found this food too messy to eat while road tripping, especially if you are trying to steer and apply the hot sauce.





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  1. Well, it doesn’t sound like Taco Bell is getting rid of any existing drive thrus. Not only do they pollute from idling customer vehicles, but they also tend to cause congestion by blocking parking lots and spilling traffic onto adjacent streets.

    People shouldn’t eat while driving anyway. It’s at least as distracting as texting behind the wheel, with the added danger of a choking hazard.

    • Idling in drive-thru lanes is not only polluting but ironically time wasting IMO – just park and walk in! Gratuitious idling is on the increase – inconsiderate folks do it for no good reason from in front of my house to the supermarket – perhaps to charge their cell phones?

      Only lazy or desparate people eat at TB in Los Angeles county. Besides the superior Del Taco for Americanized Mex, there are thousands of taquerias and catering trucks to satisfy your hunger.

      “Cray-cray”. What journalism school approved that corruption of English?