On the Move Riders Program to partner with more transit agencies

A little bit of news about our On the Move Riders Program that helps show older adults how to get around on the Metro system: beginning in January, Metro will be increasing its outreach efforts throughout Los Angeles County.

The next phase of the program will include creating a pilot program with local transportation agencies to expand On the Move. We hope to collaborate with cities to increase ridership on buses and trains.

For many older adults, the thought of riding fixed route can be a daunting one. However, we’ve learned in the last five years that through education and hands-on help older adults can take advantage of the many benefits that riding buses and trains can bring. Among those benefits: more freedom, less reliance on driving, more physical activity and saving money. Metro provides steeply discounted fares for those 62 and over.

If you are interested in joining a club or partnering please call Lilly Ortiz at 213-922-2299.

On the Move Riders Club began as a pilot program to provide older adults with the opportunity to learn of the joys of riding public transportation from their peers. In the last five years we have established travel clubs throughout the county led by volunteer “Travel Trainers” who help teach their peers use transit by planning monthly outings. As an incentive for becoming a volunteer Travel Buddy, Metro provides a free 30-day pass.