Open thread: where should one go to get the best pancakes in town?

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According to this guide National Pancake Day is Tuesday, Sept. 26. I’m not sure if that’s legit — I know IHOP celebrate their pancake day in March — but I’ll take any excuse to talk about delicious breakfast foods.

I love pancakes, and I’m sure many of you do as well. So this post is dedicated to where one can eat the best pancakes in town and how to get there via transit. Try to be a little circumspect with your suggestions — I know there’s a Denny’s next to Union Station — but I’m hoping for recommendations that are a little more offbeat Los Angeles.

Leave a comment below telling us which restaurant, café or hole in the wall serves up the best flapjacks. Be sure to also leave transit directions so we know how to get there. Then on National Pancake Day, tune in to our Instagram stories to see which location we feature.

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  1. My family is convinced that the best pancakes are from any Corner Bakery chain you can find. It’s practically a weekend tradition for us.

    • Hmmmmmm I haven’t tried pancakes from Corner Bakery yet. I haven’t been too impressed by their other menu items though…but I’d be willing to try the pancakes. For science.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. I recently had chocolate chip pancakes at Cindy’s in Eagle Rock that were game changers.

  3. The Original Pantry Cafe downtown Los Angeles on Figueroa & 8th! Old time good food especially the pancakes! Cash only. Red or Purple line trains exit at 7th & Metro and walk a couple blocks!!

    • They stop serving breakfast at 10:30. I carry my own real maple syrup wherever I eat pancakes.

      • OOPS! Philipps The Original stops serving breakfast at 10:30. Good pancakes. 1 blk no of Union Station.

  4. Just a few blocks from the end of the Expo Line (and various rapid bus lines) in downtown Santa Monica, on 2nd St, Jinky’s Cafe has a variety of pancakes and toppings. The place serves all kinds of other food, but it always smells of maple syrup.

  5. Flappy Jack’s on Route 66 in Glendora. About a mile walk from the APU/Citrus Gold Line Station.

  6. My wife’s kitchen, via the Gold Line and various connections thereafter. (By appointment only!)