Photos: CicLAvia San Pedro Meets Wilmington

Photos by Steve Hymon/Metro.

It may not have been the most crowded CicLAvia thus far, but it was certainly one of the more photogenic ones given the location at the southernmost end of the city of L.A. The industrial and port end, that is — not the end known for hipsterdom and kale shakes.

There were more people walking, riding and skating on Sunday than the above photos indicate. Having taken a lot of group/crowd shots at previous open streets events, I was trying to de-clutter my images and concentrate on getting one or two cyclists set against color and/or the local landscape.

The entire collection of pics from Sunday is on our Flickr page.

CicLAvia San Pedro Meets Wilmington was funded by Metro’s Open Streets program, whose goals are to provide opportunities for: 1) riding transit, walking and riding a bike, possibly for the first time; 2) to encourage future mode shift to more sustainable transportation modes, and; 3) for civic engagement to foster the development of multi-modal policies and infrastructure at the city/community level. More on the program here.

And a few more pics that just came in:

2 replies

  1. Great ride as always! I must say that the planning, execution and organization of these events is top notch.

    The Wilmington Waterfront Park was a nice surprise. If you’re in the area I would recommend a visit, it’s a nice hidden gem. Riding in downtown San Pedro was quite pleasant, with lots of great sights along the way. What could be cooler than riding by a WWII-era battleship?

  2. Great event! Saw parts of Wilmington never saw before! This is our 2nd CicLAvia and we will continue whenever possible! May I send pics?!