Metro presents CicLAvia San Pedro Meets Wilmington this Sunday

CicLAvia is making its first-ever appearance in San Pedro and Wilmington on Sunday. The event gives walkers, cyclists and skaters the chance to experience car-free local streets while exploring neighborhoods.

Don’t have a bike? As the map shows, there are several Metro Bike Share stations near the CicLAvia route. It’s $3.50 per 30 minutes to use Metro Bike Share or you can sign up for monthly or annual passes. Click here for pricing. Current promotion: first time users can get a free monthly pass when they sign up using promo code RIDEPORTOFLA2017. 

To get there: with no Metro Rail service to San Pedro or Wilmington, bus service is an option — in particular the Silver Line — but we have to warn those bringing bikes that space on bike racks on buses is very limited and you may face some very long waits. Cyclists comfortable riding with car traffic can take the Blue Line to Long Beach, although this involves getting across the L.A. River on busy streets without bike lanes and using other streets without bike infrastructure.

Parking info is here. There is a huge lot by the San Pedro waterfront — i.e. Port O’Call Village. Exit at the north of the lot to 6th Street for easy access to the CicLAvia route.

Here’s the Long Beach bike map:

The interactive City of L.A. bike map is here: bike lanes in San Pedro and Wilmington.

Information on feeder walks and rides is here.

Metro Bus detours — see below:

Bus detours map.

CicLAvia San Pedro Meets Wilmington is funded by Metro’s Open Streets program, whose goals are to provide opportunities for 1) riding transit, walking and riding a bike, possibly for the first time, 2) to encourage future mode shift to more sustainable transportation modes, and for 3) civic engagement to foster the development of multi-modal policies and infrastructure at the city/community level. More on the program here.

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  1. Ugh, it seems the only to actually attend this CicLAvia, from LA, car-free. Is to actually take the Silver Line to El Monte where a spot on the bike racks are guaranteed and then ride the Silver Line back to San Pedro while leaving early enough to beat the return rush. May have to end up passing on this.

  2. Are there any full closures of roads for this event, or are bike lanes just coned off? Thanks!

  3. Steve,

    I would love to take the Silver Line to this event but getting on the bus with a bike is most likely not possible. Is there a list of paid and/or free parking lots available near the route?



  4. you can delete this comment – but it looks like the bus detour map is the wrong one – looks like it’s just the CicLAvia route.

    • Hi Joe,

      It’s hard to see but the bus detours are on that map, you just have to zoom in a bit.


      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • Hi Anna, I took the time to zoom in, on the map, and there are absolutely no bud detours shon on this nap!

        • Hi John,

          You’re right! Seems the same map had indeed been added twice instead, it’s fixed now. Thanks!

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source