Say hello to Metro’s best: bus operators share what they enjoy most about the job

Our bus and train operators have a pretty tough job. They have to keep a schedule, give directions, announce stops, all while safely maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic, adverse weather conditions and some really tight spaces. Operators are also by default the members of Team Metro who interact with the public the most on a day to day basis, an activity that be quite mentally draining. Yet operators often remain under-appreciated because what they do isn’t flashy or cool. They’re “only” performing the important task of transporting you safely from point A to point B.

So we’d like to give a shout out to our operators. You guys keep the County moving and we appreciate everything that you do! Read on and get to know some of Metro’s best a little better. (And yes, we’ll be interviewing rail operators as well as the series progresses, so stay tuned.)

Judy Gill has been a Metro Bus operator for five years. She enjoys the flexibility of the job and the people she gets to work with. “My best experiences [on the job] are when you’re having a bad day on the bus and you have the support your loyal and favorite customers,” says Judy. Outside of work, Judy stays active by skiing, snowboarding and horseback riding.

Wesley Levy has been a Metro Bus operator for four years. He loves interacting with riders and familiarizing people with the Metro system. “When I first started, everyone was always very friendly!” says Wesley. “I didn’t do everything on my own. There were a lot of people who hung in there for me and I’m really thankful for that to this day … I feel like I’ve really been blessed with the fact that I’ve been given the opportunity to have a true sense and feeling of purpose.” Outside of work, Wesley enjoys exploring historic sites and being active outdoors.

Henry Morrison has been a Metro Bus operator for nearly two years. He enjoys working with the public and getting to assist elderly and disabled riders. “Helping people get to where they need to go safely is the best feeling,” Henry shares. Outside of work, Henry likes to spend time with his family and squeeze in some time in the exercise room.

Michael Palmer has been a Metro Bus operator for 33 years. The best part of his day is greeting kids who hop on and making sure they get a safe ride. “But I also love the feeling of camaraderie bus riders have,” says Michael. “For example, sometimes other passengers are willing to lend me a hand to help somebody like a wheelchair passenger. We’re all in this ride together.” Outside of work, Michael enjoys playing games online and watching movies.

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  1. I like to say thanks all bus and rail operators a job well done, say hi and bus operators every time when I get on and off the bus and train, never give up every one deserved Go Metro. I’m been Metro rider all my life.