You can now buy and load TAP cards at 35 L.A. County Library locations

Get a TAP card while getting a library card. Even this tortoise approves. Photo: LA County Library IG.

Transit and reading go hand in hand, and now more than ever. Starting today, you’ll be able to purchase and load TAP cards at 35 county library locations. For the list of library locations offering TAP cards, visit or contact your local library. TAP vendor services will be available during each participating library’s regular hours.

There are now 415 regional locations where TAP cards can be purchased and reloaded. Metro plans to add this service to more county library locations in 2018. Overall, the agency is planning to increase its TAP vendor network over the next three years in an aggressive effort to better meet the needs of countywide transit customers.

The TAP card allows passengers to travel with regional and local transit passes on the 24 transit providers now accepting TAP cards in the county. TAP cards offer a secure way for passengers to electronically pay fares and travel by tapping the card each time a rider boards a bus or train. Benefits of TAP include faster boarding times and the ability to recover balances if a card is lost or stolen.

For a listing of all TAP vendor locations, or to buy/load a TAP card online, visit

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  1. You are not able to add a senior fare on the TAP website, correct? My friend was not able to. Can you add a senior fare at the TAP vendor/retail locations?

    • Hi,

      No, for Senior TAP card, you can download the application online and return the required materials to one of Metro’s Customer Centers or mail to One Gateway Plaza.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • Hi Anna,

        Thanks, but she already has her senior TAP card, however she was not able to load a senior fare on the TAP website, only at a ticket machine at a rail station.

      • “for Senior TAP card, you can download the application online”
        because we all know that seniors are super into online applications. BTW, is the app online or is it a download?

  2. Now if they can just fix their lost card mechanism. We had two lost cards, and the only option when reporting them lost was to replace them for $5 (which wasn’t worth it, given the value on the card). They should give you the option, if there is another tap card on the account, just to transfer the balance to that card. Without that, Metro got a $13 donation.

  3. Nice baby step to sell/reload TAP cards at libraries! But, it is time to get fast-track retail stores like a Rite Aid, Walgreens, 7-11, to sell TAP cards!! In the SF Bay Area you can reload their version of the TAP card at any Walgreens!!!