Fresh pics: Regional Connector construction in the Financial District

Photos: Ken Karagozian, 2017

In downtown Los Angeles, Regional Connector Transit Project construction is in full swing in the Financial District. While crews work to relocate power lines at the Flower St. and 6th St. intersection, utility investigation and pile installation work ramps up near 5th St. Another team continues excavation and support of excavation work on the 400 block of Flower St. This recent set of photos from the Regional Connector show workers hauling out dirt, moving in materials for support of excavation, and surveying the tunnel box below Flower St.

Specifically, the surveyor in these photos is helping identify the center of each tunnel eye, where the tunnel boring machine will break through and complete mining the twin, 1.1-mile tunnels by the end of this year. From this point “cut-and-cover” tunnel mining (a well-proven technique for building shallow tunnels) will connect the bored portion of the alignment to the 7th St/Metro Center Station.

The TBM is scheduled to complete its first tunnel in the coming weeks once it breaches through at 4th St/Flower St. Crews will then retrieve the cutterhead and shields, transport them back to Little Tokyo, and begin mining the second tunnel through the latter half of the summer.

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  1. THe TBM was reported By the project to be removed june 16th threw June 19th and trucked back to the starting point

  2. “Cut and cover . . . a well-proven method . . . ” I’ll say. My understanding is that all 12 miles of Philadelphia’s Broad Street Subway (“Orange Line”), most of it 4 tracks, are cut-and-cover.